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Accuracy The Stone Clinic
Accuracy is one of the key measures of fitness, but it’s one that we frequently underestimate.

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder The Stone Clinic
Frozen shoulder. How quickly can it be thawed?

Outpatient Knee Replacement: The Great Debate

Outpatient Knee Replacement:  The Great Debate The Stone Clinic
The debate is always the same. “We do it the traditional way because that is the way we have always done it.” “It is safer for patients; the new ways are not time tested. And, there are more complications.”


Resolutions The Stone Clinic
So you’ve made your New Year’s resolutions. You have probably made some every year. How many of them have you kept?

All Things Digital Are Public

All Things Digital Are Public The Stone Clinic
Forget about privacy. Accept the fact that all things digital are public. The fact is indisputable.

All-Star Teams and Stem Cell Therapy / Stem Cell Injections

All-Star Teams and Stem Cell injections
What’s the secret to fast, effective healing? Teamwork.

Top Ten Tips for Skiing and Snowboarding in 2017

Stay Vertical!
Stay vertical this holiday season...Keep your tips up

Good is Not Enough

Good is Not Enough
Excellence isn’t a given—it’s an achievement.

Amniotic Stem Cells: The Old New Solution

Amniotic Stem Cells: The Old New Solution The Stone Clinic
The stem cell field as a whole has become crowded with companies proclaiming remarkable results. Unfortunately, many of the products offered lack stringent quality control.

Glucosamine Revisited

Glucosamine Revisited
Just what is glucosamine—and is the supplement really an effective treatment for arthritis? You may be surprised.

Why Microfracture Fails

Why Microfracture Fails
Microfracture surgery fails at an alarming rate ending the careers of many pro athletes. Fortunately, there are alternatives.

The Bias of Your Surgeon

The Bias of Your Surgeon
Every surgeon has a different skill set—and it’s important that their preferences align with yours.

On Balance

Stay on Balance
Here’s a simple suggestion for living a longer, healthier life: Keep your balance.

Range of Motion

Range of Motion
Joint health and flexibility affect not only our mobility, but our quality of life.

Minimalism in Medicine

Minimalism in Medicine
The quality of medical care is now measured mostly by the cost of caring for the patient and by low return or readmission rates to hospitals. The lower the cost, the better—and if the patient doesn’t come back, they must be cured. Right? Wrong.

The Ugly Answer to the Arthritis Riddle

The Ugly Answer to the Arthritis Riddle
The humble bone spur may be an ally in treating this painful condition.

Broken Collarbones

Broken Collarbone
It’s a nasty injury. But thanks to new materials and techniques, repair and healing are a whole lot easier.

The Patella Dilemma

Patella Injury
Though knee cap problems are common, current solutions have serious limitations.

New and Cool and Not For You

Insurance Claim
Keeping down health care costs is a good idea—but not when it stifles innovation and hobbles new medical techniques.

Surviving Medical Training

Surviving Medical Training The Stone Clinic
Aspiring doctors can make it through the brutal process—if they follow Tina Fey’s advice.