Video Library

We’ve recorded hundreds of videos to help you protect your joints and play forever. Our library contains overviews of our biologic treatments, patient recovery stories, injury prevention advice, fitness & performance tips, and much more. Choose a topic from the list below to begin exploring.  

Patient Stories

Watch video stories from patients who have undergone our treatment programs. They've generously shared their personal recovery stories so you may benefit from their experience.

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Our Innovative Treatments

The Stone Clinic is at the forefront of orthopaedic surgery. We take a biologic approach to treating joint injuries and arthritis, focusing on repairing the knee, shoulder, and ankle without metals or plastic implants.

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StoneFit Physical Therapy

Our StoneFit therapists and trainers are your allies in optimal healing and total body treatment. Here’s how they help our patients bounce back fitter, faster, stronger than they were before their injury.

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