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The Recovery Story of a Super Bowl Champion

Learn more about Tracy's remarkable recovery story and how the innovative care from The Stone Clinic is paving the way for his NFL return

Patients in their own words ...

Shoulder Motions

The shoulder can dislocate or just subluxate—i.e., move partially in and out of the joint. The causes for these are most commonly a torn ligament or a lax capsule.  The repair steps have improved dramatically and are worth doing early.

Ski Fall Shoulder Injury

January 2017

Submitted by admin on 16 March 2019

I went for my first bike ride today. I started slow with 3 miles and felt great. I can’t believe I’m back on m bike with no pain. I’m going to push myself to 10 miles this weekend and see how I do.

September 2018

Submitted by admin on 16 March 2019

I ran my first 5k today and did cone drills for 2 hours with no pain and my knee feeling strong throughout. Thank you so much! Next up is the NFL Combine!


We give in too often. Whether it is to an injury, disease, age, or to loneliness, the affliction overwhelms our potential. In such cases, the Latin expression Illigitimi non carborundum—“Don’t let the bastards get you down”—applies to all.


Sustainable Exercise

Sustainability is in. Consumption of non-renewables is out. But what about you?  Are you sustainable?

Sustainable Exercise

Exercise programs are often designed to help you improve yourself. That means that to be successful you must exceed your normal limits, break down muscle, get short of breath, and sweat. If not, your musculoskeletal system is not going to be better tomorrow than it is today.

What’s Hot & What’s Not in Knee Surgery: A Few of the Highlights

Stem cells are both in and out. It was once thought that if these cells were injected into joints, they would turn into cartilage. Two problems arose. First, patients (unless they are infants) have very few stem cells left. Second, the injected cells died after releasing their instructional growth factors, never turning into cartilage. But what we have learned is that an increasing number of concentrated growth factors, immune stimulants, and even some drugs can induce the migration of the body’s own progenitor cells—some of them stem cells—cells that direct healing—to the injured area.

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