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    World-renowned orthopedic surgeon, Kevin R. Stone, MD, leads the
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The Recovery Story of a Super Bowl Champion

Learn more about Tracy's remarkable recovery story and how the innovative care from The Stone Clinic is paving the way for his NFL return HERE

Patients in their own words ...

Bone Bruises

Bones, like soft tissue, get bruised. The depressing difference is that sometimes these bruises are the first, middle, or last step in the development of arthritis. The old thinking was to just let them heal. The new thinking tells us to treat both the bruise and the cause of it before it gets worse. Here is how.

Bone Bruise MRI

Don’t Open the Achilles

The Achilles is a broad tendon that connects the calf muscles to the heel. The tendon is covered in a thin but important sheath of tissue that permits it to contract & lengthen smoothly with each step. This sheath, or synovium, is a layer of specialized cells that provides lubrication and nutrition to the tendon. When the sheath is injured, problems arise. Here is why you should not open your achilles.

Old dog. No tricks.

The aging family dog relies on a comfortable routine to manage life. Slowing down is just fine. Needs are simplified: a little less food, shorter walks, a bit of help getting into the car. Decisions about health interventions are made with the perspective of limited time left. Still, there is delight in sharing life. 


Accepting that you need a total knee replacement is tough to do—but it’s the right decision when natural therapies are not effective. Here some hopeful news about the decision to replace your joint.

Sit Up

How the simple act of maintaining good posture can prevent you from a life of chronic back pain and range of motion issues.
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