Ski Season Performance Exercises

Our goal at The Stone Clinic is that all of the athletes we work with become fitter, faster, stronger than they were before. Skiers, in particular, can benefit from the fitness programs we design, as those who ski challenge their joints with both repeated motion and dynamic impacts from the demands of the sport. 

Exercises for Skiers

Injuries happen when tissues are exposed to a load for which they are not prepared. The exercises included in this program specifically target and strengthen the muscle groups utilized during skiing to both heighten your performance potential and better protect your joints from injury. Performing these exercises three times a week will increase your core and lower body strength, providing more stability, agility, proprioception (balance), and endurance every time you hit the slopes.

Check out our video post on Instagram of StoneFit Athletic Trainer Morgan demonstrating the movements of the program below. 

Decline Squat with Adduction | 3 sets of 20-second hold and 20-second pulse

  • The Muscles It Works - Quadriceps, glutes, and adductors. 
  • The Purpose - Building quadricep strength and endurance in ski-specific positions.
  • Performance Instructions: 
    • Stand with feet and toes inline, feet hip-width apart. Heels should be elevated on a stable surface (dumbbell handles, yoga mat).
      Place a pilates ball between your needs and squeeze to engage your inner thigh muscles (Adductors and Vastus Medialis)
      Bend knees and hips to lower yourself towards the ground.
      Hold this starting position for 20 seconds.
      Next, perform small range of motion pulses for 20 seconds.

Side Lunge with Slider | 3 sets of 10 reps

  • The Muscles It Works - Quadriceps, glutes, hip adductors, and hip abductors. 
  • The Purpose - Increases lower extremity strength in lateral motions to prepare for similar loads while turning skis. 
  • Performance Instructions
    • Stand with toes inline, feet hip-width apart with one foot on a slider. 
      Keeping your weight centered over the foot on the ground, bend that knee and allow the slider to move outwards.  
      Return to standing by driving through the standing heel and repeat. 
Side Lunge on Slider

Reverse Lunge on Slider | 3 sets of 10 reps

  • The Muscles It Works - Glutes and quadriceps. 
  • The Purpose - Single leg strength, balance, and power. 
  • Performance Instructions
    • Start with one foot on the slider and one on the ground.
    • Keep your weight centered over the foot on the ground and bend that knee, allowing the foot on the slider to move posteriorly.
    • Drive through the front foot to return to standing. 
    • Repeat. 
Reverse Lunge with Slider

Single-Leg Romanian DeadLifts with Row | 3 sets of 10 reps

  • The Muscles It Works - Hamstring, gluteus maximus, and mid-back. 
  • The Purpose - Posterior chain strength and stability. 
  • Performance Instructions: 
    • Start with one foot planted on the ground, and the other elevated in a 90/90 position in front of you. 
    • Slowly bend at the hip until your torso is parallel with the ground and the other foot is elevated behind you. 
    • In this parallel position, perform a row by squeezing your shoulder blades together and driving your elbows towards the ceiling.
    • This can be performed with kettle bells or dumbbells
    • Return to the starting position. Repeat. 
Single-Leg Romanian DeadLifts with Row

Single-Leg Balance with Three-Way Taps | 3 sets of 10 rounds 

  • The Muscles It Works - Gastrocnemius, soleus, and glutes.  
  • The Purpose - Ankle, knee, and hip proprioception to assist in overall balance. 
  • Performance Instructions: 
    • Stand on one leg. 
    • Hold this position without using your other foot or hands for balance. 
    • Aim to maintain this position for 30 seconds initially, progressing to 60 seconds as you gain confidence.
    • If the static balance is too easy, try reaching for cones (or any at-home object) in 3 directions with your other foot. These directions include in front, to the side, and behind.
    • For safety, please perform this exercise near a stable surface should you lose your balance. 
Single-Leg Balance with Three-Way Taps

Slalom Hops | 3 sets of 10

  • The Muscles It Works - Quadriceps, hip abductors, gastroc, soleus, and glutes. 
  • The Purpose - Strength and power development of the lower extremity as well as improving stability and control in lateral motions specific to skiing
  • Performance Instructions: 
    • Start on one foot in an athletic position. 
    • Hop laterally, landing in a controlled fashion on one leg. 
    • Repeat this motion hopping in the other direction.
    • Focus on controlling the motion and landing softly to optimize the benefit of this exercise. 
Slalom Hops

Plank with Hip Dips  | 2 sets of 10

  • The Muscles It Works - Your entire Core! 
  • The Purpose - Core stability and endurance. 
  • Performance Instructions: 
    • Start in a plank position with palms on the ground.
    • Allow your hips to dip to the right and left in a controlled motion. 
    • Repeat. 
    • If you have back pain with this motion, focus on holding a static plank.
Plank with Hip Dips

Plank with Hip Abduction | 3 sets of 10

  • The Muscles It Works - Core, obliques, hip abductors. 
  • The Purpose - Core stability and endurance. 
  • Performance Instructions: 
    • Start in a side plank position either on your toes or knees with your hips elevated from the floor and your core engaged. 
    • Raise your top leg towards the ceiling and behind you. 
    • From this starting position, lift the top leg up and down while maintaining your hips lifted from the floor.
    • Rest and Repeat 
Plank with Hip Abduction

If you are looking for more personal support to meet your fitness goals, be sure to schedule some time with the StoneFit Team. Our trained providers can tailor our SkiFit program to get you pain-free and ready for ski season—as well as help with any of your other personal or sporting goals. Remember: Our mission is to help you become fitter, faster, and stronger than you were before!

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