Saving My Ankle Guide

Saving My Ankle Guide by The Stone Clinic

How to avoid fusion or artificial ankle replacement

Find out if biologic solutions to rebuild your ankle can keep you active and help you avoid an ankle fusion/replacement.


Explore all your options

People who have suffered ankle injuries may feel they have limited repair options, often being recommended drastic solutions such as fusing bones together or implanting plates, screws, etc into the ankle joint. These surgeries often come with limitations and significant loss of mobility. Although an ankle fusion/replacement may be the answer, The Stone Clinic believes that there are other much less invasive options that patients should consider prior to undergoing surgery.

What's in the guide

Find out how our procedures to rebuild an ankle biologically:

  • Repair and prevent arthritis by fixing damaged articular cartilage 
  • Repair your Achilles tear or rupture without open surgery 
  • Regain your ankle's stability with ligament reconstruction 

Learn how we assess whether these treatments are right for you based on:

  • Your injury history
  • Your current symptoms
  • Your goals
  • Your approach to recovery
  • Your attitude to treatment