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Explore all your options

People who have suffered knee injuries have many options. Although a full knee replacement may be the answer, The Stone Clinic believes that there are several other options that athletes should consider prior to undergoing surgery.

What's in the guide:

Find out how procedures to rebuild a knee naturally can help people return to sports and delay or avoid an artificial knee replacement:

  • Repair and prevent arthritis by fixing damaged articular cartilage 
  • Give your knee back its shock absorber by replacing the meniscus
  • Regain your knee's stability with ligament reconstruction 

Learn how we assess whether these treatments are right for you based on:

  • Your injury history
  • Your current symptoms
  • Your goals
  • Your approach to recovery
  • Your attitude to treatment 



Kevin R. Stone, MD

Kevin R. Stone, MD

Biologic Knee Repair, Meniscal Repair, Sports Medicine, & Outpatient Robotic Partial & Total Knee Replacement

Dr. Kevin R. Stone is a pioneer of advanced orthopaedic surgical and rehabilitation techniques to repair, regenerate and replace damaged cartilage and ligaments. Trained at Harvard & Stanford, he’s treated Hall of Fame Skiiers, Super Bowl legends, Olympians, tennis champions, & countless other elite athletes as well holding over 50 patents on orthopaedic inventions to improve healthcare.