Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Videos

How the StoneFit Rehab Team Helps Patients Become Fitter, Faster, & Stronger

Knee Replacement Rehab - What to Expect After Your Surgery

ACL Surgery Rehab - What to Expect After Your Surgery

Biologic Knee Replacement Rehab Experience

Cutting-Edge PT Evaluations Using Wearable Sensor Technology

Physical Therapy: Vital on Day 1 After Partial Knee Replacement

Rehabilitation After a Knee Injury: A Winning Attitude

Access our StoneFit Virtual Group Fitness Classes Library

At the beginning of the pandemic shutdown in 2020, the fitness & rehab team began hosting complimentary StoneFit™ group fitness classes virtually via Zoom video conference twice a week. Completely free and open to all, these classes were specifically designed to support our patients around the world in maintaining their fitness levels safely from home during COVID-19 stay-at-home restrictions. One full year and 90+ complimentary classes later, we were able to serve a global community of hundreds of athletes in our mission to keep them active for their entire lives. 

Rehab & Fitness Exercise Training Video Archives

Access our archives for instructional videos of movements and exercises to rehab and protect all your joints. While the videos are now 10 years old, the information remains helpful and relevant to this day.