Always pushing the boundaries

You push towards goals that some people thought were superhuman and show us what the human body is capable of. And because you want to be at full competitive strength as soon as possible, you also push our surgical techniques harder than anyone else.

For more than 25 years, we have had the pleasure of working with some of the world's top athletes. It is always extraordinary to be part of an athlete's journey from injury to triumph. Dr. Stone has served as an orthopaedic surgeon for many sports organizations including the U.S. Ski Team, the Smuin Ballet, and many others. Our approach is different and remarkably effective.

Biologic repair

Our repair techniques are biologic, preserving your natural joint and protecting you from arthritis. We harness your body's natural healing powers, using your own bioactive and growth factors to help speed recovery. We perform cartilage regeneration, meniscus repair, or replacement using donor tissue and ligament reconstruction, also using sterilized donor tissue. These procedures are often combined to offer a BioKnee solution.

Comprehensive care

We provide an unprecedented level of care to all our patients, from comprehensive diagnosis to surgery, if necessary, with onsite physical therapy and fitness programs. Our outpatient surgical procedures take place in a state-of-the-art private surgery center, with the very latest surgical equipment. When you are with us, you are part of our extended family. Every member of team from Dr. Stone, to the physical therapists, nurses, administrative assistants, and radiologists will be supporting your swift recovery.

We know how important it is for you to get back to your sport and to remain competitive. Seeking early and accurate treatment when you are first injured can make all the difference in how well you heal.

Meet some of our athletes

From Olympic medal winners to weekend warriors, we treat athletes from a wide range of sporting backgrounds. Meet some of the people who we have helped return to competitive sport.

Athlete FAQs

If you've been injured, you'll have a lot of questions about the best way to get back to your sport. We answer them here. 

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