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We welcome the interest of referring physicians and orthopedic surgeons who wish to learn more about our techniques.

Leading edge approaches


We bring biologic solutions to injuries and arthritis, focusing on repair, regeneration and replacement of tissues before we consider a partial or a full joint replacement. We have developed the techniques for articular cartilage paste grafting which, when combined with meniscus transplantation, can delay joint replacement for most knee arthritic patients by at least ten years. Our goal is to return people fitter, faster and stronger than they have been in years.

Robotic-assisted surgeries

We use the very latest and best equipment available. We perform our partial knee resurfacing procedures using a MAKO robotic arm.  Computer modeling using CT scan data enables us to precisely map out the surgical site for greater accuracy.

Patient care

Your patients will receive custom private care in our hands and with our dedicated OR and rehabilitation teams focusing on biologic and joint preserving techniques. You can refer patients of all ages with knee, shoulder and ankle injuries and arthritis. Your participation in their care is most welcome throughout the process.

On site rehab

We combine accurate repair with professional rehabilitation. Our in house physical therapy team helps patients either avoid surgery or recover post surgery to a level of fitness they may not have considered possible. 

The Stone Clinic has trained many physical therapists (PTs) around the world in the post-operative protocols required for our biologic and robotic joint replacements.

The Stone Clinic Method includes: 

  • Full person healing
  • Biologic procedures
  • Robotic assisted joint replacement procedures 

Athlete focus

Our focus on tissue repair has helped both world-class athletes and weekend warriors recover from ACL and cartilage injuries. Dr. Stone has served as an orthopedic surgeon for many sports organizations including the U.S. Ski Team

World-class surgical facilities

We partner with the Aviva Family of Centers of Surgical Excellence, including The San Francisco Surgery Center, a state of the art Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) in San Francisco. Our total knee replacement cases are performed at CPMC, California Pacific Medical Center.

Stone Research Foundation

Dr. Stone’s research time is divided between not-for-profit research conducted at Stone Research Foundation, a public 501 c-3 entity and for profit research at The Stone Clinic. This work has led to the creation of the first collagen regeneration template for meniscus regrowth called the CMI, the first successful articular cartilage regeneration technique called articular cartilage paste grafting, a glucosamine beverage called Joint Juice, and the first technique to humanize animal tissue to eliminate rejection when placed into people, with the first product being an ACL replacement device. Dr. Stone has close to 50 patents.

Outcome studies & papers

Dr. Stone’s passion for improving the techniques available to help people is quantified by careful long term outcome studies coordinated by our full time in house biostatistician. It is not enough to treat patients with novel concepts unless the outcomes are carefully measured and reported. Many of our patients become enrolled in these outcome studies and we follow them for a lifetime.

Surgical training

As part of our mission to improve the art and science of orthopedics, Dr. Stone lectures around the world teaching doctors about the techniques we have developed, reporting on their outcome data and learning from the local surgeons about their findings. From these efforts the team has influenced thousands of physicians and surgeons and brought back new ideas to our own practice.

Our techniques



We developed the meniscus regeneration scaffolds in the late 1980s and have focused on meniscus repair, regeneration, and replacement. Stunning pain relief even in the setting of arthritis has been the hallmark of meniscus plus articular cartilage repair and replacement. We now have the largest series in the world of meniscus replacement for arthritis and continue to push forward the art and science of this field.

Arthritis and acute chondral lesions

Articular cartilage can be re-grown and repaired using the articular cartilage paste graft technique we developed in 1991 and have refined over the years. Our peer-reviewed long-term outcome studies have validated the technique and insurance companies usually reimburse for it. Paste grafting with or without meniscus replacement can delay artificial joint replacement for ten years in many patients. Young people with OCD lesions of the knee can be repaired with this technique avoiding metal or plastic fixation devices.


ACL ruptures are best treated by anatomically placed sterilized bone patellar tendon bone allografts in our hands with an immediate rehabilitation program. Our team has performed our last 4000 knee cases repairing ligaments, meniscus, and cartilage with the same surgical assistant and anesthesia team. This experience and precision lead to superior results.


The posterior cruciate ligament can and should be repaired and reconstructed when ruptured in our opinion. Loss of the PCL leads to medial joint arthritis. The old advice of just live with it is out of date. Our reconstruction technique with sterilized bone patellar tendon bone allografts and immediate rehabilitation has led to superb results for world-class athletes and weekend warriors.

Posterolateral corner

The posterolateral corner injuries to the knee are often missed but frequently present when a PCL injury occurs or when there is a chronic failure of an ACL reconstruction. To obtain an ideal result this area must be reconstructed or the primary ligament reconstructions will stretch out. We have modified an established method to make this repair work very well through two 1 cm incisions using a donor hamstring graft.

Patellar dislocations

Dislocation of the kneecap often leads to instability and pain. To dislocate the key ligament called the medial patella femoral ligament must be ruptured. Our repair technique avoids drilling holes in the knee cap and has been used successfully in patients ranging from ballet dancers to football players.

Partial knee replacement

Arthritis of the knee is often more severe in one part of the knee than another. When severe and with x-rays showing bone-on-bone, often a partial replacement can be performed. We use a MAKO robot that improves accuracy, uses a small incision, and can be performed as an outpatient. Our patients return to sports without limitations.


Rotator cuff

Torn rotator cuffs can now be repaired under a regional block with arthroscopically place sutures and anchors. The repair when combined with our rehabilitation program often solves the night pain and weakness people present with. What is different about our program is the way the tissues are handled and secured permits improved biologic healing and early rehabilitation. Traditional repairs have been a very slow and often unpredictable process.

Dislocations and SLAP lesions

When a shoulder dislocates the key supporting ligaments are torn. Accurate repair produces a stable shoulder. Rehab alone often leads to recurrent dislocation in our athletic population. SLAP injuries and biceps tendonitis can often be treated without surgery and respond well to rehabilitation and growth factor injections (PRP).


Ankle sprains and chronic ankle instability

We see acute sprains and long-term ankle injuries and arthritis. Our rehab team gets the acute sprains back with a great manual therapy, range of motion, and bracing program. If surgery is required we have modified an ankle ligament repair to work extremely well through a small incision without the need for additional grafts.

Ankle cartilage injuries and arthritis

Many of the ankle cartilage injuries can be grafted and repaired with our articular cartilage paste graft technique. OCD lesions of the ankle and arthritic spurs respond well to surgical treatment if a careful rehab program is started immediately.

Referring physician FAQs

We welcome referrals from physicians around the world who believe our techniques can help their patients. We offer full concierge services for out of town patients, and we collaborate with home physicians on post surgical rehabilitation. What would you like to know?