Saving My Shoulder Guide

Saving My Shoulder Guide by The Stone Clinic

How to Avoid a Shoulder Replacement

Find out if biologic solutions to rebuild your shoulder can keep you active and help you avoid a shoulder replacement.


Explore all your options

People who have suffered shoulder injuries have many options. Although a shoulder replacement may be the answer, The Stone Clinic believes that there are several other options that athletes should consider prior to undergoing surgery.

What's in the guide:

Find out how our procedures to rebuild a shoulder biologically: 

  • Repair and prevent arthritis by fixing damaged articular cartilage 
  • Restore mobility & range of motion
  • Repair your Rotator Cuff tear or Clavicle fracture without open surgery

Learn how we assess whether these treatments are right for you based on:

  • Your injury history
  • Your current symptoms
  • Your goals
  • Your approach to recovery
  • Your attitude to treatment 
Download a Guide to our Shoulder-Saving Procedures
Explore all your options. Learn about procedures that can help you return to sports & delay or avoid an artificial shoulder replacement.