Our biologic approach

We believe in the power of the human body to heal itself.

In this new “anabolic” era of joint repair, we are able to harness and augment natural healing and combine it with advanced medical technologies to repair orthopedic injuries.

Biologic treatments stimulate natural tissue healing, working to enhance the body’s own repair process.

Avoid a knee replacement and rebuild your knee naturally. We can put back a new meniscus cartilage, re-grow damaged articular cartilage and re-build the ligaments.

For the ankle, we can fix chronic instability using minimal incisions and re-grow cartilage to repair arthritis.

For the shoulder, we can repair the rotator cuff, the labrum and ligaments, and fix the broken or displaced AC joint and clavicle.

Stem cells live on the walls of vessels and produce growth factors. We use stem cells in our articular cartilage paste graft procedure for re-growing damaged and arthritic cartilage.

PRP is made from your own blood which has been spun in a centrifuge in order to concentrate the platelets and release the growth factors.  The concentrated factors are then injected into the joint to stimulate tissue healing.

The natural lubricant of the joints is called hyaluronic acid (HA). This lubricant in concentrated form can be injected into a joint to increase lubrication.

The Stone Clinic runs one of the few centers in the world dedicated to the diagnosis, surgical implantation and rehabilitation of meniscus transplant patients. 

The Meniscus Transplant Center offers: 

  • World-class surgical facilities
  • Onsite physical therapy
  • Tissue acquisition 
  • Measured outcomes