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The StoneFit program

More than anything, StoneFit is an attitude.

Your injury or arthritis is not an excuse to give up your activities, quite the opposite. Your injury is the motivation to become fitter, faster and stronger than you have been in years.

StoneFit is an energizing, high intensity interval training program taken under the careful guidance of our physical therapists. The program is uniquely adapted to meet the needs of people rehabilitating after injury or battling arthritis. Incorporating nutritional advice, StoneFit helps speed recovery and promotes a new level of fitness.

The StoneFit program encourages you to see yourself as an athlete in training, now and forever, whether your goal is to walk to the store without pain or to get back into the half pipe on your skis. Just like a professional athlete would do, you need to focus on optimal nutrition, fitness and strength. 

StoneFit helps you have FUN while doing this. Since variety is the spice of life, the program focuses on short, intense workouts to train most of the body simultaneously, helping to improve all kinds of fitness areas: strength, agility, balance, proprioception, cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, flexibility, power, coordination, and accuracy. The short exercises are completed one after the other, all of this possible even while recovery from an injury, we design custom programs depending on your circumstance. For a severe knee injury, for example, a single leg squat with a partner ball throw trains almost all the body’s musculature and skills. Elderly people, recovering from a knee or hip replacement, can combine balance skills standing on a pillow, while swinging a very light kettle bell. This rapidly improves core strength and balance skills. The combinations are endless. 

StoneFit: Sportsmetrics™ - Spring Conditioning

WIth a focus on spring sports involving cutting, jumping and pivoting such as soccer, basketball, baseball and lacrosse,this 6-week, highly individualized injury prevention program is designed to build speed, agility, flexibility and strength and is scientifically proven to help athletes get stronger, jump higher, and reduce the risk of serious knee injuries.


Our pre-season training program provides an overview of tips on ski equipment, injury prevention, and skiing technique. The 6-week, highly individualized injury prevention program is designed to build your speed, agility, flexibility and strength and to train your body to position itself safely when skiing or snowboarding downhill and landing jumps.

Part of StoneFit encourages weight optimization and a change in diet. We work with patients to encourage them to focus on lean protein, and to dramatically reduce carbohydrates and processed foods. We suggest increasing water intake to a tall glass of plain non-carbonated water every hour, which eliminates calorie-laden foods and sugary drinks. Learn more

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