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The moment you tear it is the moment to repair it.

The Moment You Tear It
Almost all orthopaedic injuries are best repaired immediately. The old “wait and see” for most joint injuries has been proven to lead to scar tissue, loss of motion, and arthritis. With today’s accurate imaging, using repair and reconstructing techniques to restore normal anatomy beats living with deformities.

MCL Injuries: Why Kevin Durant Will Be Back

MCL Injuries:  Why Kevin Durant Will Be Back
There are now phenomenally potent tools to drive healing to a full, faster than ever recovery. You just have to use them.

Top Ten Ways to Run, Safely

Top Ten Ways to Run
Running is safe. No joint is injured solely by running, despite what you may have heard. Running only damages already damaged joints. You can run forever if you have healthy joints and good running mechanics.

The Patella Dilemma

Patella Injury
Though knee cap problems are common, current solutions have serious limitations.

ACL Disaster

ACL Injury
ACL injuries may not be as notorious as concussions, but they’re a wider threat.

Steph Curry: MCL, meet MRI

Steph Curry: MCL, meet MRI
Just how serious is Steph Curry’s recent knee injury, and what caused it? Equally important: How might it impact his game, and The Warriors’ season?

Update on ACL Injury & Surgery: Success and Failure

Update on ACL Injury & Surgery: Success and Failure
ACL injuries are more devastating to the knee then previously thought—and the tools for replacing the ACL produce their own problems. But there is hope. Here is an update from the leading ACL surgeons’ conference, just held in Sweden.

My Process of Healing

My Process of Healing
When an orthopedic surgeon gets a taste of his own medicine, lessons are learned. After a successful partial knee replacement surgery, Dr. Kevin Stone recounts his personal journey down the road to recovery.

Ballet Dancers and ACL Injuries

Ballet Dancers and ACL Injuries
When a professional dancer hears the dreaded “pop” of an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear, he or she might imagine that they’ll never perform again. However, modern treatment and healing techniques can make what seems like miraculous recoveries.

It is snowing: Are you ready?

It is snowing: Are you ready?
Some thoughts and tips about maximizing your enjoyment while minimizing possible injuries, from former US Ski Team and Pro Tour orthopedic surgeon Kevin R. Stone.

Why Microfracture fails

Why microfracture fails
Microfracture is a surgical technique used to repair damaged articular cartilage by making multiple small holes in the surface of the joint to stimulate a healing response. Unfortunately, it's prone to failure. Here's why.

NFL players: Play now, pay later. Is this the best we can do?

NFL injuries to the knee can be devastating
In orthopedics training, we used to joke that the only purpose of the heart was to provide blood supply to the knees.

What's happening when your knee goes snap, crackle and pop

A question I am asked a lot is, “I hear clicking and popping in my knee, is this something that I should be concerned about?”

ACL injury in women: How to beat the odds

ACL injury in women: How to beat the odds
When it comes to knee injuries through playing sports, statistics tell us that women are more likely to be injured than men.

How to reduce your knee pain without surgery

How to reduce your knee pain without surgery
Sometimes surgery is the only option but if the diagnosis is a minor injury to the ligaments or soft tissues, you won't need surgery but there is still a lot that can be done.
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