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Unweighting Depression

Unweighting Depression The Stone Clinic
Depression afflicts us all at some point. It may be the more difficult, internal, life-changing kind or the post-injury, temporary loss of performance kind. It is deflating, demoralizing, and debilitating, yet the cause is often invisible.

How to Run Without Pain

How to Run Without Pain The Stone Clinic
Pain and running: Do they have to go together? Not for everybody.
Here, in a nutshell, are my 10 best tips for diminishing pain while running:

The Opioid Crisis Solution

The Opioid Crisis Solution The Stone Clinic
Pot. Almost 50% of the patients in my practice recently used marijuana to reduce their post-op pain. I didn’t prescribe it; the word just seems to be out.

Post op pain: You don’t have to suffer from it

no pain after surgery
Suffering from pain after surgery is one of the most feared experiences in medical care. Yet this fear is unnecessary. Why? Because pain is largely preventable.

Arthritis: Two common treatment misconceptions

Best treatments for osteoarthritis
If you’ve been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, there’s a strong chance that you were advised to rest, limit your activities and use anti-inflammatory drugs to treat the symptoms of pain and inflammation. There are some major flaws in this advice.

How to reduce pain after surgery

How to reduce pain after surgery
Pain is debilitating. It crushes the spirit. Joint pain inhibits muscle development, causes abnormal gait and limits activities. Pain decreases the appetite. Pain is the enemy of rehabilitation. Since pain is so detrimental, why are the treatments of pain so poor?

How to reduce your knee pain without surgery

How to reduce your knee pain without surgery
Sometimes surgery is the only option but if the diagnosis is a minor injury to the ligaments or soft tissues, you won't need surgery but there is still a lot that can be done.
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