Pep Fujas Professional skier, ACL repair

I'm Pep Fujas, I'm a professional skier. I ski out of Salt Lake city. I've been skiing basically my whole life.

I injured my right knee and had gotten surgery on my right knee. Um, the repair that was done was put in more vertically than it should have been. And in turn it ended up stretching out. So my ACL was really, really loose for the last kind of two or three years. I felt a little bit hindered in my movement people move some of my muscle, removed some of my own tissue. So, um, I really didn't want to have that again. I don't want to lose any, any of my body structure. Currently I'm nine days out of surgery. I dropped crutches after my first day and um, swelling is almost nonexistent and um, virtually no pain. So I feel great and my movements coming back, I actually feel like a normal human being. The environment that has been created here is unlike any other that I've seen. I mean, the doctor is in the same building as the physical therapist, so they're really interconnected and, and that's really crucial at this point. I really a hundred percent confidence that I'll be back to actually better than I was before.

Pep Fujas came to us because of an injury to his ACL replacement graft. At The Stone Clinic, we have extensive experience in revising failed or re-injured ACLs. Dr. Stone repaired the injury to the posterolateral corner of Pep’s knee with a donor tendon and placed a new donor ACL in the correct anatomic position on the femur while preserving some of the previous surgeon’s graft. Pep has returned to freeskiing at a world-class level and many of the top skiing movies in the seasons after. 

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