MAKOplasty Partial Knee Replacement: Ultra Sports Athlete Excels - 1 year post op.

My story. Okay. I was bone on bone in my left knee. I've had four surgeries on it before I came to see Dr. Stone, including where they take out all the torn cartilage. I tore it originally playing rugby over 25 years ago and they took it out and then I was an ultra runner for 10 years running a hundred milers and I was bone on bone and I had done STEM cell therapy. It lasted literally two years and I wore that off. And then I came to see Dr. Stone. We were going to do a transplant but I had to put it off because it was having family issues for a year and in that year the space had closed too much to where I couldn't do it. Plus I'm so active that Dr. Stone thought the MAKO procedure would be better, I'd get on my feet faster.

And so he did the uni compartmental MAKO partial resurfacing. It's not really a replacement. So what he did was went in here, cleaned up that bone there, cleaned up the condyle there and put in titanium. And that was a year and a week ago I was walking on it in a week. I was riding my bike without anything. Within two weeks. Within two months I was doing a hundred mile rides. Um, yoga, a lot of physical therapy. And within less than three months I was skiing in the mountains in Colorado where I live, everything and without any pain. So I'm kind of an ultra ultra junkie, if you will. So I do ultra running, ultra biking, ultra skiing, back country skiing. I've had zero issues with it. Um, I think it was in June, I ran a 50 mile race, um, with no pain in it.

Um, I get pain and other parts that are still compensating, getting back to being normal. But I ran without any pain. I've been hiking without any pain. Uh, I'd been doing a lot of yoga and that helps, uh, keep the joint open. And then I did a bike race from Belgium to Istanbul, Turkey through all the mountain ranges in the Slavic countries and parts of France, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, and Turkey. And that was 4,400 kilometers. And it did that in 16 days in July. Had no issues after that. Went and biked in the office with my wife with loaded bikes for three weeks and had no issues there. So I'm really happy with it. It's the best result with the least amount of, uh, permanent damage because I didn't want to do a knee replacement and everybody, other orthopedist I went to see was going to do a knee replacement.

And Dr. Stone was the only one who I felt comfortable with doing, um, this procedure because of the number he's and his, his notoriety in the field. For me, this was the perfect surgery. Um, I think I was only on crutches literally for four days and that was it. I was walking on it today. I got home. When I go down here, I have no pain. Zero. And that's been, it's been like that for, since three, three months out. I can't say enough good things about this. I referred somebody here. He just had the surgery two weeks ago, so, and he's real happy with it. I'm on the top of Mount Ventoux a thousand kilometers into the race. Dr. Stone, and this is for you and my new knee is working great. 10 and a half months out and it's awesome. Got a 3,500 more kilometers to Turkey and I'm just want to say thanks, Dr. Stone. Keep doing what you're doing so we can keep doing what we're doing.

"For me this was the perfect surgery, I was only on crutches for four days... I can't say enough good things about this."

25 years ago, this patient injured his knee playing rugby and had his meniscus removed. By the time he came to see Dr. Stone, he was bone-on-bone on his left knee and had had 4 surgeries. All orthopaedists he went to see told him he would need a total knee replacement. Dr. Stone was able to help our patient avoid a total knee replacement by doing a MAKOplasty partial knee replacement. He was walking on his knee within a week and riding his bicycle within 2 weeks. As an ultra-athlete, within two months he was doing 100-mile rides. Less than three months he was skiing - all without pain. 

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Download a Guide to our Knee-Saving Procedures

Saving My Knee Guide

Saving My Knee Guide
Learn about procedures that can help you return to sports & delay or avoid an artificial knee replacement.