MAKOPlasty Partial Knee Replacement patient story - 1 year post op.

It kind of was a single accident, walking a huge black Labrador: saw a squirrel, went one way, I kind of went the other and I, I felt it go, you know, and I, my knees had bothered me a little bit. But anyways I had arthroscopic surgery back East very unsuccessfully and was told that I needed a total knee replacement and I just, I don't know, there was something in me that just didn't buy that. So, um, so three different orthopedic surgeons, all of them were like, yep, total knee replacement, um, took some x-rays, never took an MRI or anything like that. And again, I just was like, I kept telling my husband, it's, this doesn't feel right. And I found Dr. Stone actually through TED to the TED talk that he did and I saw him and I mean, it was just like, that's who I want.

That's, that's who I want to see. No, the first thing he asked me was, well, let's take a look at your MRI. And I'm like, I don't have an MRI. And he's like, you told me you saw other orthopedic surgeons. And I'm like, I did. And he said, they never pulled an MRI. I'm like, Nope. And he's like, how could they tell what the damage was in your knee without that? It was pretty amazing. I was, so he, they did an MRI when I was here and, um, and the reason I was really interested in Dr. Stone was because in the TED talk he talks about the meniscus replacement and that, you know, really cutting edge stuff after meeting with him, he said to me, you know, unfortunately, I think you're a little too far gone for that. I don't think you'd have as much success with that as you would with this part with the partial.

Um, he said it's kind of unusual because we usually do them on the, I guess inside. And this was on the outside. So now with this, this MAKO computer, it's really accurate. I really, you know, I really feel like we can make this work. And so, um, that was I think early January and three weeks later I came out here for the surgery after being to all these other doctor's offices and stuff like that. I gotta say the staff here, w w from the get go made me feel like really at home between hope and Kelly and everybody. It was just, you know, it, it just worked. And I was like, this is the place that I want this surgery done. Didn't have to go into a hospital for three days, anything like that in and out. And, you know, I had my ups and downs with, uh, with physical therapy.

I worked with Trish for, uh, you know, while I was here. Um, and then had a physical therapist line back up at home and everything like that. And I would go like three or four weeks, I hit a plateau and then I kind of get a little frustrated. I was like, why is it w but everybody's like, just calm down, you know, it takes awhile. But by my three months when I came back out here, three or four months checkup with him, I was like thrilled. I mean it was, I was climbing the Hills in San Francisco and doing everything and it was, it was really, it was, it was a really great experience. Everybody's getting knee replacements and I think Stone's approach is very different. It's like his attitude is keep your original equipment as long as you can. And you know, there's a lot of other things you can do besides having a total knee replacement.

And um, you know, I think with the research that, that the stone clinic does and every time, I mean, you know, cause I get his newsletter every week and I read through it and stuff like that. It's, it's pretty amazing. And I think people need to, you need, you know, you need to question somebody when they tell you what, you know, that you need a total knee replacement. When I came in here, not only was that, did I have a torn meniscus, but my, when I had that worth the first arthroscopic surgery, my knee was so crooked. It was like, it was, it was, I had to wear, I wore like baggy yoga pants for six months. I couldn't get anything on over my knee, and my knee was kind of all bent in. And so when he went in and did the surgery, he really straightened the leg out to as well. So I, you know, been thrilled with him. Tell everybody, you know, um, I think that it's great, what he does is great.

"You need to question somebody when they tell you you need a total knee replacement .... I've been thrilled. I tell everybody!"

This patient was told by three different surgeons that she needed a total knee replacement. She found Dr. Stone through his TED talk. She had hoped that she could have had a BioKnee replacement but unfortunately she was not a candidate for that procedure. However, she was able to have a partial knee replacement where just the damaged part of the knee was replaced.

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Download a Guide to our Knee-Saving Procedures

Saving My Knee Guide

Saving My Knee Guide
Learn about procedures that can help you return to sports & delay or avoid an artificial knee replacement.