How to Repair Your Shoulder Without Surgery

Most shoulder injuries can be repaired without surgery. At The Stone Clinic, we approach each injury individually to put together the best treatment plan possible to return patients back to the activities they love, fitter faster, and stronger than they were before their injury. Shoulder injuries come in many forms like torn rotator cuffs, dislocated shoulders where the labrum has been torn, AC joint dislocation, bursitis and arthritis. We diagnose each of these differently and create a customized treatment plan based on physical exam, x-ray and MRI. We have found that many shoulder injuries can now be repaired without surgery, treating them, instead, with injections of lubrication and growth factors combined with a comprehensive physical therapy program.

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Medically authored by
Kevin R. Stone, MD
Orthopaedic surgeon, clinician, scientist, inventor, and founder of multiple companies. Dr. Stone was trained at Harvard University in internal medicine and orthopaedic surgery and at Stanford University in general surgery.