Knee Injury and Treatments

How To Avoid A Total Knee Replacement With A Bioknee®

The BioKnee® program combines Dr. Kevin Stone's most innovative surgical procedures to create a revolutionary treatment for arthritis. The program has permitted hundreds of people with moderate to severe arthritis to stay active and delay or avoid a total knee replacement. 

A unique offering of The Stone Clinic, the BioKnee® replaces, regenerates or rebuilds damaged portions of knee cartilage and injured ligaments using advanced biologic techniques, including an articular cartilage paste graft and a meniscus transplant. The BioKnee® program was developed in 1991 by Dr. Kevin Stone. Since its inception, the procedures have been followed by clinical research studies which prove that BioKnee® patients recover faster, return to sports, and are far less likely to report pain than with an artificial knee replacement, even many years post-surgery. Hundreds of patients with a BioKnee® are now enjoying their active lifestyles.

Meniscus Transplant: How It Works

If you've lost the meniscus cartilage inside your knee, Dr. Kevin Stone has developed a technique for replacing the meniscus cartilage using donor tissue. For over 30 years, he and his team have specialized in giving people back their vital meniscus shock absorbers, keeping the knee moving naturally and reducing the likelihood of a total knee replacement.

Articular Cartilage Repair

If you have damaged your articular cartilage, the bearing surface inside the joint, you may be experiencing pain and swelling. At The Stone Clinic in San Francisco, Dr. Kevin Stone has developed a technique called the articular cartilage paste graft, which uses your own bone, cartilage and stem cells to create repair tissue which can be pasted over that damaged surface. 

ACL Repair & Reconstruction

Depending on the stage of your ACL Injury. We are able to repair, reconstruct, or revise your ACL naturally or with donor tissue and have extensive experience revising re-injured ACLs.

Meniscectomy vs Meniscus Replacement

The meniscus is the key force distributor of the knee joint. When torn, it fails to protect the tibia from the forces exerted by walking and sports. If a surgeon removes the torn part of the meniscus, the pain is often relieved for a while—until the cartilage and bone underneath wear down. Here's our recommendation on treatment for meniscus tears to avoid this onset of arthritis.

Manual Knee Replacement vs Robotic Knee Replacement

We have patients running triathlons and (ultra)marathons, climbing mountains, and skiing a hundred days a year on the replaced parts inside their knees. How is this possible when other knee replacement patients are advised to take bedrest after surgery and give up their athletic activities? Much of it comes down to the groundbreaking advancements offered by robotic surgery. Dr. Stone explains the critical differences between manual and robotic knee replacement and how they can affect a patient's outcome. 

Robotic Partial Knee Replacement

Knees do not wear out evenly. Sometimes one part of the knee is perfectly healthy while another part is irreversibly damaged. So why replace what isn't broken? Often, we find that patients have been told they need a total knee replacement when they could in fact benefit from a less invasive procedure such as a robotic partial knee replacement. 

Robotic Total Knee Replacement

For those patients with true bone-on-bone, worn-out knees, we help athletes return to sports with a robotically-assisted total knee replacement. We’ve optimized our robotic surgery program to open the doors to a wide range of sports participation, meant to last decades, to provide pain relief, and to allow for a good range of motion.

Anabolic Therapy: Biologic Injections for Knee Pain & Arthritis

The broad field of anabolic injections focuses on stimulating injured tissues to heal—accelerating healing, shutting down inflammation, limiting scar formation, and recruiting the body’s stem-cell-derived self-repair cells. Here's how we are using these therapies to treat issues within the knee.

Hear from our Knee Repair Patients

Watch video stories from patients who have undergone our knee treatment programs–such as the BioKneeligament repairrobotic knee replacement, etc. They've generously shared their personal recovery stories so you may benefit from their experience. 

Surgery In Action

The Stone Research Foundation Library of Robotic and Orthobiologic Surgical Techniques is an educational video collection of the innovative procedures performed by Kevin R. Stone, MD at The Stone Clinic. We’ve documented and shared these advanced techniques to help push forward the science of biologic and robotic surgery to orthopaedists across the globe. Watch with caution, these videos contain graphic images of surgery.

SRF Library of Robotic and Orthobiologic Surgical Techniques