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This exercise targets the four muscles of the rotator cuff. It is very important to have both strength and stabilization of the rotator cuff muscles to avoid injuries such as impingement and/or rotator cuff tears.

Equipment: theraband or resistance band, and a towel rolled up.
Start: Place the rolled towel at your elbow and grab the theraband with both hands.
External Rotation: With the towel rolled at your side, keep your shoulder blade down and your wrist neutral. Slowly pull the theraband away from the opposite arm. Avoid pain.
Internal Rotation: Anchor the theraband onto an object or in the door jam. With the towel rolled and placed at your side, pull the theraband towards your abdomen. Make sure the band is at the height of your forearm with your elbow is bent to 90 degrees. 
For both exercises practice for 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.