Shoulder Injury Treatments

What is a Rotator Cuff? How Do You Repair It?

If you're having shoulder pain, it is often due to an injury of the rotator cuff tendons that drive the arm up and down and make your arm work. When the tendons are torn, they pull away from the bone. At The Stone Clinic in San Francisco, Dr. Kevin Stone is able to repair this injury by pulling the tendons back and anchoring them into place. It is done as an arthroscopic outpatient procedure. It's best to repair this injury as early as you can to save yourself from developing arthritis. 

How to Repair Your Shoulder Without Surgery

Most shoulder injuries can be repaired without surgery. Shoulder injuries come in many forms like torn rotator cuffs, dislocated shoulders where the labrum has been torn, AC joint dislocation & arthritis. We diagnose each of these differently and create a customized treatment plan based on physical exam, x-ray and MRI. We have found that many shoulder injuries can be repaired without surgery using injections with lubrication and growth factors along with physiotherapy.

Collarbone Fractures

Collarbone (clavicle) fractures are painful and often don't heal well. When they're significantly displaced, it's better to fix them. At The Stone Clinic in San Francisco, we no longer need to use plates and screws and open incisions to do this. We are able to do a percutaneous repair through a very small incision.

Shoulder Dislocation Repair

A dislocated shoulder should be relocated as soon as possible by a medical professional. The shoulder cannot be dislocated without tearing the key architectural elements that stabilize the joint. Repairing these elements, including the labrum, the ligaments, and the capsule usually solves the problem of resultant instability after a dislocation.

What is a Shoulder AC Joint? How Do You Repair It?

If you've dislocated your AC joint, most commonly from football or falling off your bicycle, the clavicle is often sticking right up. At The Stone Clinic in San Francisco, Dr. Kevin Stone is able to repair this injury, both acutely and later on chronically by taking a new ligament and rebuilding the joint.

Hear from our Shoulder Repair Patients

Watch patients who have undergone our shoulder treatment programs–such as rotator cuff repairclavicle fracture repairdislocation repair, etc–tell their stories so you may benefit from their experience.