Ankle Injury and Treatments

Please! Don't Cut Open that Ruptured Achilles!

The ruptured Achilles tendon heals beautifully when repaired. It just doesn’t need open surgery to repair it. Here is why.

Ankle Replacement or Ankle Fusion. Which to Choose?

Our answer is: Neither! Many people who are told that they need to have an ankle fusion or an ankle replacement, likely don't need one as the next procedure. This is because biologic therapies have improved to the point where injections of growth factors and lubrication or biologic ankle repair provide significant relief for many people with severe ankle arthritis. Our BioAnkle program improves arthritic ankles without any hardware or implants and helps our patients delay–or completely avoid–more drastic, invasive surgeries such as Ankle Fusion or Ankle Replacement. 

Ankle Articular Cartilage Repair

If you have damaged the articular cartilage inside your ankle joint and you have something called a chondral lesion or OCD or arthritis, it is quite painful and it limits your activities. At The Stone Clinic in San Francisco, Dr. Kevin Stone is able to repair this problem using a paste graft of your own stem cells, cartilage, and bone.

Hear from our Ankle Repair Patients

Watch patients who have undergone our ankle treatment programs–such as the BioAnklepercutaneous Achilles repairarticular cartilage repair, etc–tell their stories so you may benefit from their experience.

Surgery In Action

The Stone Research Foundation Library of Robotic and Orthobiologic Surgical Techniques is an educational video collection of the innovative procedures performed by Kevin R. Stone, MD at The Stone Clinic. We’ve documented and shared these advanced techniques to help push forward the science of biologic and robotic surgery to orthopaedists across the globe. Watch with caution, these videos contain graphic images of surgery.

SRF Library of Robotic and Orthobiologic Surgical Techniques