Patient Avoids Ankle Fusion and Achieves Dream Career

Without Dr. Stone and his innovative solutions, I would be working for an insurance company waiting for an ankle fusion. Dr. Stone gave me the confidence and the tools that no other doctor had given me
- Jack K.

After a traumatic injury from a dirt bike accident at age 14, chronic ankle pain threatened Jack's childhood dream of becoming a police officer—like his dad. Growing up, he could not participate in school sports or even casual games of wiffleball with his friends.

At 23, after eight failed surgeries, doctors recommended an ankle fusion—and to find a new dream career. However, Dr. Stone’s articular cartilage paste graft procedure provided an alternative. In just three weeks after surgery, Jack reported more range of motion than ever before, "I felt muscles move for the first time in a decade." Jack started running six months post-surgery, applied to the police academy, and successfully completed all the qualifying physical fitness tests. He graduated in August 2023 with a proud family by his side (see the pics below). 

Updates from Jack K.

August 2023
Jack at his NYPD academy graduation at Madison Square Garden with his father, family, and long-time girlfriend.