Surgical stocking protocol

You are asked to wear a surgical stocking on your non-surgical leg during your surgery.

Please continue to wear the stocking until you have your first post-operative appointment at The Stone Clinic. 

Your surgical dressing will be changed and the surgical portals will be inspected.  You will also participate in your first post-operative physical therapy session.  Your therapist will instruct you on portal care, exercises, and recommend surgical stocking use.

Your therapist will move the stocking from your non-surgical leg onto your surgical leg. 

The Stone Clinic recommends that you wear the stocking on the surgical leg for the first 10 days, or until the stitches are removed.

The purpose of the stocking is to reduce the swelling in the leg and minimize the risk of a blood clot.  The stocking helps maximize the healing environment by applying pressure in a graduated manner from the foot to the thigh, so that the fluids do not pool in the lower leg.

The stocking can be hand-washed and hung to dry, if it gets dirty.  We also recommend that you keep the stocking, so that you can wear it as needed for the next 3 months for long car rides or plane flights.

You can optimize your healing environment and minimize the risk of the blood clot by:

  1. Wearing the stocking for the first 10 days after surgery
  2. Icing in the recommended manner by your therapist (see icing protocol)
  3. Elevating the leg as recommended by your therapist
  4. Ankle pumping exercises
  5. Taking a baby aspirin daily for the first 10 days after surgery