Partial knee replacement patient stories

MAKOPlasty Partial Knee Replacement Patient Testimonials

Hear from patients who have benefited from a MAKOPlasty Partial Knee Replacement -PKR. A partial, or unicondylar, joint replacement resurfaces only the worn out portion of the joint, either the inside, outside or kneecap, leaving the rest of the joint alone. For unparalleled accuracy in placement, Kevin R. Stone performs a MAKOplasty® partial knee resurfacing procedure using the MAKO Surgical Corp Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopaedic System.

MAKOplasty Partial Knee Replacement: Ultra Sports Athlete Excels - 1 year- post op

25 years ago, our patient injured his knee playing rugby and had his meniscus removed. By the time he came to see Dr. Stone, he was bone-on-bone on his left knee and had had 4 surgeries. All orthopedists he went to see told him he would need a total knee replacement. Dr. Stone was able to help our patient avoid a total knee replacement by doing a MAKOplasty partial knee replacement. " For me this was the perfect surgery, I was only on crutches for four days" He was walking on his knee within a week and riding his bicycle within 2 weeks. As an ultra athlete, within two months he was doing 100 mile rides. Less than three months he was skiing - all without pain. Check out the video to learn more about what he's been up to within a year of surgery....including biking around Europe! " I can't say enough good things about this."

MAKOPlasty partial knee replacement testimonial - 1 year post op

For four decades, Lois suffered with knee pain from her arthritis. At 63 years old, her knee had worn down to become bone on bone and she could no longer do any of the things she wanted. After the partial knee replacement, she is now back skiing no problem (storms and all!). "I have absolutely no pain and I feel strong!" For more info go to

MAKOPlasty partial knee replacement patient story - 1 year post op

Our patient was badly injured while walking a huge black labrador who shot off after a squirrel. She was told by 3 different surgeons that she needed a total knee replacement. She found Dr. Stone through his TED talk. She had hoped that she could have had a BioKnee replacement but unfortunately she was not a candidate for that procedure. However, she was able to have a partial knee replacement where just the damaged part of the knee was replaced. "You need to question somebody when they tell you you need a total knee replacement .... I've been thrilled. I tell everybody!"

MAKOPlasty partial knee replacement testimonial - 13 days post op.

Arthritis in left knee fixed with a robotic-assisted surgical procedure. This patient was not a candidate for a bioknee but was an excellent candidate for a partial knee replacement since just a small area of the knee was affected. He recorded his testimonial 13 days after surgery, patient can bike and walk and is astounded at the results.

MAKOPlasty partial knee replacement testimonial - 3 months post op.

Before her surgery, former pro volleyball player turned coach, Angela, was in constant pain, day and night. She had given up playing and coaching. Less than 3 months after surgery she is back playing again. Pain free. "It's like a dream, something I never imagined I'd be able to do"

MAKOPlasty partial knee replacement testimonial - 2 weeks post op

Patient received a PKR after 5 years of arthritic knee pain. A couple of days after surgery, he felt more stable and secure. The patient's knees are bowed, He says his knee feels a lot stronger than it was before. Our patient chose us because of a recommendation by his daughter, a professional ballet dancer who had received shoulder care from Dr. Stone.

MAKOPlasty partial knee replacement testimonial - 6 months post op

Willow was told she needed a full knee replacement after a ski accident resulting in acl tear had lead to eventual arthritis and an unstable ACL. Because of the extent of the damage to her articular cartilage she was not a candidate for a biologic knee replacement, instead treated we could treat her with a MAKOPlasty partial knee replacement and an ACL transplant. 6 months later she is now back to full range of motion and activity. "I have no pain. I am completely stable on my leg and I am doing things I haven't done for close to 20 years"

MAKOPlasty partial knee replacement testimonial - 7 months post op

We met Kris after she had had had 6 surgeries on her knee over the years. She was in pain, finding it difficult to walk very far. She couldn't bike or swim. She had a MAKOPlasty partial knee replacement. She says, "This last surgery of the partial knee replacement has been the most successful and in a way the easiest to rehabilitate from by far"

MAKOPlasty partial knee replacement testimonial - 6 months post op

An old running injury had developed into bone-on-bone arthritis for our patient. She had a MAKOPlasty partial knee replacement. She reports that her recovery has been amazing. Six months after the operation she was on a hiking trip to Italy, hiking 10 miles a day up hills and on cobbled streets, on and off trains and buses. From day one she started PT and rehab. "I just would encourage anyone, if this is an option for your condition, to do it!"

MAKOPlasty partial knee replacement testimonial - 6 months post op

A motor cycle injury in college had left our patient with a problematic knee. She had had multiple surgeries and skin grafts and was told at 45 years old that she would eventually needed a total knee replacement. To avoid this, she came to Dr. Stone who was able to perform a MAKOPlasty partial knee replacement. She was pleased to have been able to keep most of her own joint. "It was a wonderful experience in that I stayed here got to use the PT facilities, I came twice a day, it really got me off to a great start to go home to my PT"

Makoplasty - Robot Assisted Partial Knee Replacement - Patient Experience

John is a 64-year-old ski instructor, outdoor educator, and writer living in Alaska. In July 2008, he underwent a right total knee replacement and was hitting the slopes by December that same year. Most recently, in April 2010 he was having trouble going up stairs and visited The Stone Clinic for a robot-assisted partial knee replacement for his left knee. He was able to walk out of the surgery center the day of his procedure and just two weeks later is back doing what he loves catching fish and studying invertebrates in the river near his home.

MAKOPlasty partial knee replacement testimonial - 6 months post op

An avid hiker and cyclist, our patient injured his his meniscus and eventually had it removed in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, this led to painful arthritis. We performed a MAKOPlasty partial knee replacement so that he could avoid a total knee replacement. " I have no complaints and I have no regrets doing it. I am glad I did it. My goal is to get that back pack on and do some camping again."

MAKOPlasty partial knee replacement testimonial

Jerry came to The Stone Clinic to have a MAKOPlasty partial knee replacement, a much less invasive procedure than a total knee replacement. Using a robot to assist him in surgery, orthopaedic surgeon Kevin R. Stone, MD can achieve precise placement and alignment of the implant parts. Compared to the Total Knee Replacement, which he'd had in his other knee, Jerry noticed that the pain in the partial knee was much less severe.

MAKOPlasty partial knee replacement testimonial - 6 months post op.

With extensive osteoarthritis on one side of her right knee, our patient needed to have a partial knee replacement. 6 months later she says "I couldn't be happier. I can't believe how incredibly great my knee feels." She has been back on her bike, doing a lot of hiking and her knee doesn't bother her in the slightest. She says it feels as good as it has ever been.

Knees do not wear out evenly. Sometimes one part of the knee is perfectly fine while another part is completely destroyed. Depending on where the damage is in your knee, a partial knee replacement may be an option for you. Learn more

MAKOPlasty Partial Knee Replacement Patient Story - 5 weeks post op

Our life long athlete patient travelled from Norway to have a partial knee replacement in both knees. He had been told by many surgeons in his home country that that his only option was a total knee replacement. He was told to accept that he was getting older and to appreciate other things in life. He refused to accept this and so researched online and found The Stone Clinic. When he met Dr. Stone, he asked him what would be the limitations of the procedure. “He looked at me and said, "What limitations" and that really made me believe that that was the right thing for me." 5 weeks after the procedure he is very happy. "It is very important to me that I can live my life the way I want to." 'I recommend anybody that has been told that nothing can be done, talk to Dr. Stone - come and check it out for yourself"

Triathlete returns to podium after knee replacement

After Scott Endsley suffered a devastating meniscus (knee) injury, doctors told him he’d need a TOTAL knee replacement. They told him to give up triathlons. Instead, thanks to the latest high-precision robotic technology, he had a “PARTIAL” knee replacement, which allows surgeons to save all the healthy ligaments and tendons in the knee and replace just the damaged parts. This new procedure, performed by Dr. Kevin Stone of The Stone Clinic in San Francisco, makes it possible for high-performance athletes to continue to make the podium - even with knee implants. For more info

Knee replacement: An athlete's choice

Triathlete Scott Endsley chose a robotic arm assisted partial knee replacement. This allowed him to get back to training quickly. You have choices when it comes to knee replacement. For more info -

Physical therapy: Vital on day 1 after partial knee replacement

Competitive triathlete Scott Endsley describes his experience of physical therapy and exercise the day after his partial knee replacement surgery at the Robotic Joint Center at the Stone Clinic in San Francisco.