Cutting-Edge Orthopaedic Treatment for Diagnosed Knee, Shoulder, & Ankle Injuries

Cutting-Edge Orthopaedic Treatment for Diagnosed Joint Injuries

Decades of Pain is Unacceptable

Most patients diagnosed with arthritis are told that it can’t be repaired. They are told to take pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs, lose weight, cut back on their activities, and essentially wait until the arthritis is bad enough to warrant a joint replacement. 

Every decade is precious and we believe that there is no reason to live in pain when repair options exist. Most patients told they need a joint replacement have excellent, less-invasive alternative treatment options such as a biologic replacement, a partial replacement, or a combination of anabolic injections plus physical therapy and fitness training.     

The Best Approach to your Care

Whether this is your scenario or you are exploring less-invasive possibilities for treatment, we believe athletes should carefully consider their options to ensure a successful, long-term outcome. Download our guides authored by Dr. Stone full of valuable information on minimally-invasive biologic treatment options that can help you return to sports and delay or avoid an artificial joint replacement. Just enter your email and select the corresponding box to your injured joint. 

Our Guides

Our Approach to Arthritis

The goals and bias of your surgeon dramatically affect the care you are offered. Our bias and our passion at The Stone Clinic is helping our patients stay active for life. 

We see Ostheoarthritis (OA) as a fixable condition rather than an incurable disease, preferring to preserve as much of the natural biology of the joint as possible, often rebuilding with donor tissue to give patients natural-feeling, long-lasting outcomes that avoid or delay the need for joint replacement.

If you would like to educate yourself further on biologic approaches to treating joint injuries and arthritis, clinic head and renowned, pioneering surgeon Kevin R. Stone, MD writes a weekly column on sports, performance, and orthopaedics that can thoughtfully guide your decisions in getting the best care possible. 

How We Achieve Superior Outcomes

Using cutting-edge biologic orthopaedic surgical techniques, personally customized treatment programs, cutting-edge robotic surgical technology, world-class physical therapy, and our vast experience in working with elites athletes, we deliver outcomes that help our athletes achieve extraordinary outcomes.

We expand the goals and expectations of our patients from basic tasks and movement to helping them become fitter, faster, and stronger than they have been in years. 

Our Patient Outcomes

Successful surgical repair is only one aspect of an outstanding, long-term outcome. To fulfill our mission of keeping our athletes active for life, The Stone Clinic is committed to tracking and carefully managing your outcome over the course of your lifetime. 

As part of your surgery, you will receive five complimentary post-operative follow-up visits in your first year to manage the quality and pace of your outcome.

We also ask you to come in annually for a follow-up and participate in the outcome research performed by the Stone Research Foundation. This independent, non-profit orthopaedic research institute chaired by Dr. Stone pushes forward the science of accelerating healing, preventing, treating, and curing arthritis. So the findings from your treatment will continually improve our level of care each time you visit our office. 

You may hear directly from our patients about their care experiences and tremendous outcomes in our Patient Story Video Library or read our online reviews.