Core strength exercise videos

Only do these exercises if you have been advised to do them by your physical therapist.

Core strength exercises

Russian Twists with Medicine Ball

Get some rocking abs! This is a great exercise that targets your obliques. All you need is a medicine ball or dumbbell. To start: position yourself on a mat. Start with your feet on the ground and your trunk slightly back. Twist to one side, tap the ball, then twist to the opposite side. To make this harder, you can bounce the ball. To make it even harder, lift your feet up off the ground.
Repeat 3 sets for 10 repetitions per side. For more information, visit

Core Static Obliques

This is an advance exercise for oblique strengthening. You will need a physioball.

Start at a slight incline with your trunk behind your hips. Using your right arm, go from your left hip to your right shoulder. Hold this position for 5 seconds. Repeat for 10 repetitions and switch sides. You can add weight, but start light, and build up the strength and endurance of your obliques.

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Lunge Rotation

This is a more advanced version of a standing lunge. Using a weighted ball or a dumbbell, lunge forward as you twist your torso from your opposite shoulder toward the outside of the front leg. 
Repeat 15 x 3 sets per leg.

Prayer Stretch Spine Stretch

Great stretch for the lower back - also your lats.

Starting position: on all fours. 
Ending position: Reach arms all the way forward, while sitting hips onto your heels into comfortable stretch position.

Modifications: you can put a yoga block under your hips to decrease pressure on your knees.

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Core Exercises: Theraband Crunch

Core Exercises - Side Crunch Swiss Ball

Core Exercises - Lower Abdominal Ball Transfer

Core Exercises: Twisting Crunches

Focusing on the obliques helps strengthen the deeper abdominal muscles that facilitate the entire core.

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Core Exercises: Crunches

Safer than a traditional sit-up as it puts less pressure on the lumbar discs.

Core Exercises: Bridge & Bridge Variations

Fight "saggy butt syndrome" with this great butt burner.

Ball Exercises: Feet On Ball Rolling

Major hamstring burner. Be sure to stretch your hamstrings after this exercise and stop if you feel any cramping.

Ball Exercises: Head On Ball Bridge with Leg Lifts

Great exercise to work both strength and balance.

Core Exercises: Side Plank With Leg Lift

The core is the most frequently overlooked part of each training program. This side leg lift specifically focus on the abductor muscles of the hip joint while require core muscle stabilization. Efficient! Check out the fitness and rehabilitation programs at The Stone Clinic in San Francisco, an internationally recognized destination orthopedic and sports medicine clinic.

Core Exercises: Side Plank

Excuse the blooper on this one but once you get into the proper position, this a great oblique core strengthener.

Core Exercises: Plank

A simple exercise that challenges the real core muscles: the transversis abdominis and multifidus. maintain a neutral spine - don't cheat by allowing the hips to raise up towards the ceiling or by sagging the belly towards the ground.

Core Exercises: Pelvic Tilt

Pelvic tilts teach you how to find the full Range of Motion (ROM) of the lumbopelvic girdle. By understanding ROM, you can then really find the neutral position. Challenge yourself to be able to hold the neutral position with core muscles by adding arm and leg movements.

Ball Exercises: Plank Over Ball

Balance and core stability exercises in one. Very efficient use of time and great applicability to all sports.

Ball Exercises: Head On Ball Bridge With Leg Extensions

Great exercise for both strength and balance.

Push-up Rows

Challenge your push up and add a row. This is a great progression of your standard push up that will add more demands on your core musculature and shoulders.

You need two dumbbells of your choice.

Start in the push up position with hands holding the dumbbell weights. Perform a regular push up, weight shift to one side and perform a row. Make sure you alternate sides and keep your hips level.

To make this harder, perform a push-up windmill. You will perform a push up and as you row turn your hips so you are in a side plank position. Make sure you alternate sides.

Repeat 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

Lower Extremity Exercise: Feet On Ball Bridge

This exercise combines both strength and balance.