Vaccination is Urgent: Are You the Agent of Humanity’s Destruction?

Vaccination is urgent. COVID-19 is a horrible disease, much worse than popularly believed.  You do not want this virus. Here is the ugly side of it.

Why Vaccination is Urgent

All of us are made up of roughly 10% human cells. The other 90% consists of a variety of bacteria, viruses, and organisms that our DNA codes for but that we do not yet fully understand. We live in concert with nature—until we do not. When a virus turns destructive or malignant, overwhelming the body’s capacity to manage it, we get sick or die. But the sickness does not always present itself immediately, as viruses are tricky.

For instance, when you get a herpes virus, it may appear in your youthful kissing days as a lip lesion and resolve after a few embarrassing weeks. Yet the virus lives on in the neurons and reappears multiple times in life. Other viruses use the same trick, with more destructive consequences. The HPV virus, made rampant by youthful sexual activity during the last few decades, reappears as a severe and sometimes fatal cervical cancer for women in their midlife years. Hepatitis from the HPC virus causes fatal liver hepatomas (cancers). But herpes and HPV are not alone: The list of seemingly benign viruses causing serious disease later in life is long.

The COVID-19 coronavirus has already demonstrated its lingering effects. In one large study, 68% of people with infections presented with COVID-19-related symptoms six months later—potentially foreboding serious disease to come. As the virus appears to attack small vessels in the lungs, heart, and brain, and since it can “resolve” and then reappear—all of this demonstrated just a year and a half since it was first introduced—there is an overwhelming likelihood that millions of people will suffer extraordinary health issues over the next few decades due to this infection. The consequences could overwhelm all health systems—not with an acute disease we have learned to prevent, but with chronic diseases, we may be unable to cure.

In contrast, the vaccinations now available are stunningly effective and safe. Recent studies demonstrate they are safe even for pregnant women and children. The only way to defeat a virulent virus is by eliminating its repositories of replication—not by killing us, but by vaccination. The risk/reward ratio is so overwhelmingly in favor of vaccination that it should be a requirement for any human interaction.

Additionally, nasty viruses replicate billions of times within each host. Replication errors or evolutionary mutations give rise to more resilient (and sometimes more lethal) variants. When even one family member or friend is unvaccinated, that person is acting as a host for the multiplication and weaponization of the virus.  

Eventually, after trillions of replications, the COVID-19 virus will find a way around the immunizations. For humanity to win—just as with the polio virus and so many others— the entire population must be vaccinated. So, whether you think you can survive  COVID-19, or tough it out, or feel you must protect your freedom from government interference, or any other misguided concept, you owe it to yourself and your family to avoid the risk of getting incurably sick. And you owe it to humanity to not be the last harbinger of the virus that wipes us out.

Medically authored by
Kevin R. Stone, MD
Orthopaedic surgeon, clinician, scientist, inventor, and founder of multiple companies. Dr. Stone was trained at Harvard University in internal medicine and orthopaedic surgery and at Stanford University in general surgery.