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Stretching exercise videos

Only do these exercises if you have been advised to do them by your physical therapist


Calf Stretch

A perfect stretch that will address tightness in the back of your leg.

The first stretch addresses the superficial muscle- the gastrocnemius. Position yourself near a wall or counter top, place one leg back and gently lean into the wall to take up the slack. Make sure that your toes are pointing forward and your heel is on the ground. Hold this for 30 seconds.

The next stretch is for the deeper calf muscle- the soleus. To do this, you will need to bring your back leg closer to the wall and get into a small knee bend while keeping your heel down. Lean into the wall. You will feel this stretch closer to the heel or in the Achilles tendon. Hold for 30 seconds.

An alternative is to place your toes onto the wall and then bring your body closer to the wall. You may experience a stretch in the foot as well. Hold for 30 seconds.

Remember to perform these exercises on both legs.

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Prayer Stretch Spine Stretch

Great stretch for the lower back - also your lats.

Starting position: on all fours.
Ending position: Reach arms all the way forward, while sitting hips onto your heels into comfortable stretch position.

Modifications: you can put a yoga block under your hips to decrease pressure on your knees.

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Stretching: Roller Self Massaging III

Awesome self mobilization technique for shinsplints.

Starting position: place lower leg on foam roll, prop up on arms.

Ending position: roll along the anterior tibialis, the muscle in front of your lower leg.

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Roller Self Massaging II

Great postural stretches with the foam roller for the chest, upper back, and low back

Stretching: Roller Self Massaging I

These are great exercises for runners and cyclists to do before and after workouts.

Stretching: Hamstring

Altering the alignment of hip and pelvis is a great way to isolate medial and lateral hamstrings while stretching.

Stretching: Hip Flexor

It's important to do this stretching exercise to prevent low back, hip, and pelvis pain.

Stretching: Quadriceps Stretch

Great stretch to do at the office or after running or cycling. To make sure you feel the stretch, do a backward pelvic tilt. Hold for 30-45 seconds, taking deep breaths. Do both legs. Keep your knee pointing straight down.

Stretching: Piriformis Stretch

Great stretch for people dealing with Sacroiliac joint pain and sciatica symptoms. Good for stretching out the glutes

Stretching: Levator Stretch

Excellent stretch to prevent and deal with neck pain.

Stretching: Trapezius Stretch

These muscles tend to carry stress and need to be stretched on a regular basis.

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