Cutting-Edge Evaluations Using dorsaVi Wearable Sensor Technology

The Stone Clinic Physical Therapy Team expertly tracks and tailors each patient’s treatment path using the latest in cutting-edge biomechanical technology.

No two joints are the same

No two joints are the same, no two injuries identical. That’s why we carefully personalize our treatment approach in physical therapy. Using a wireless, wearable sensor technology called dorsaVi, our PT’s consult objective, quantifiable data on your movement to precisely assess the risk of injury, guide training programs, and track your progress to determine when it’s safe to return to sports.

Innovative Technology

dorsaVi's ViPerform™ is a wireless sensor technology that tracks and measures how elite athletes move in real-time. The ViPerform™ system consists of wearable motion and muscle activity sensors that record data at 200 frames per second, and intuitive software with sophisticated algorithms that turn robust data into easy-to-read and meaningful results. This invaluable information guides our PT's in assessing your technique and movement for performance analysis and muscle re-education. 

Whether you wish to play pain-free with your kids or return to a Super Bowl-winning team, we strive to get you fitter, faster, and stronger™ than before your injury. 

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The Stone Clinic biomechanical data is powered by dorsaVi, a revolutionary wearable sensor technology.