Dem Bones: "The knee bone's connected to the thigh-bone"

Dem bones

Remember that old song about the knee bone being connected to the thigh bone?

Perhaps you haven’t sung it since you were a kid but it’s actually a pretty useful anatomical reminder of the importance of seeing an injured or arthritic joint as part of your whole body and not something to be treated in isolation. If you are limping or favoring a joint, it’s more than likely that other parts of your body are off as well.

The knee bone's connected to the thigh-boneJoined up thinking

Our joined up human skeleton is the reason that at The Stone Clinic, we put a great deal of emphasis on physical therapy: improving core strength and manually manipulating the joint itself, working on the soft tissue around it as well as working with the rest of the body, mobilizing the hip and the back and helping to regain full range of motion and improved gait. In our experience, soft tissue manipulation makes a huge difference in how people heal in large part by reducing swelling, inflammation and scar tissue.

Fitter, faster, stronger™

At The Stone Clinic, we have a team of world-class physical therapists in our office, working with the surgical team to provide a holistic view of an injury. If you’re coming in to see us for diagnosis and treatment, we’ll do two things: first, we’ll give you a careful physical exam by both Dr. Stone and the PT team, and use X-rays and/or onsite MRI to understand your injury so that we can make the right decision about what needs to be treated. Second, we’ll create a physical therapy program for you, factoring in the other parts of the body that go into making your joints work well, whether it’s the core or back or hips, to get you back to full strength and movement.

See yourself as we see you. You’re not a patient in rehab. You’re an athlete in training.

Joint rehabilitation is not quick. Physical therapy and fitness conditioning requires a lot of grit and determination. We encourage everyone we treat to truly dedicate to this process the way an athlete would if they were injured. So what would any pro athlete do after an injury? They would be in the gym every day, they’d optimize their nutrition, they’d optimize their range of motion and their soft tissues, they’d optimize all the parts that go into making them a world class athlete. Why not adopt this attitude yourself?

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