ACL repair patient stories

Pep Fujas Professional skier | ACL repair

Professional Skier Pep Fujas talks about how The Stone Clinic has fixed his failed ACL repair with donor tissue.

ACL reconstruction for pro-skier using Z-lig, a natural alternative tissue - 11 years post op

In 2002, Canadian Pro Skier Rick Lewon had his right ACL reconstructed by Dr. Kevin Stone, using a Z-lig replacement device a natural alternative tissue engineered from porcine tissue.. Dr. Stone's treatment was a medical breakthrough and the first non-human biologic method for ACL reconstruction of the knee. After this surgery, Lewon went on to win numerous Canadian Downhill Masters titles. 11 years later, his Xenograft is still going strong and is doing a lot better than the ACL reconstruction he had done on his left leg, which used his own hamstring. Lewon says he is hoping to one day get the Z-lig on on that knee too.

ACL replacement| Meniscus replacement | BioKnee by Kevin Stone MD

Patient told he needed a total knee replacement. Four years out. Pain free, rides a bike 100-150 miles per week. Competes in Triathlons. Travelled from Hawaii.

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Torn ACL Surgery by Knee Surgeon Kevin Stone MD

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Damaged ACL | Knee Surgery by Knee Surgeon Kevin Stone MD

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ACL Reconstruction with Allograft -Patient Experience

This patient is a 45 year old woman who recalls her ACL reconstruction with allograft that took place at The Stone Clinic in San Francisco in January 2010. Please visit

Ruptured ACL | Knee Surgery by the Stone Clinic - Z-Lig (Pig ligament) Pro skier Rick Lewon

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ACL revision reconstruction patient testimonial

This patient has a long and complicated story of knee ligament injury and repair. Long story short, after an injury in 2006 she had poor treatment and her knee was never stable again. She then re-injured herself, damaging more ligaments. More surgery followed which also did not go well. Finally, she found Dr. Stone. He and his team spent hours with her and figured out how to correct the previous procedures and fix her knee.

BioKnee Patient Testimonial - 4.5 months post op

Our patient does competitive cross-fit and a lot of fitness training. Before surgery he had to stop training because he had such bad knee pain. Now four months after an ACL replacement and meniscus transplant using donor tissue, he feels as though he is fitter and training harder than he was when he was competing.

Biologic Repair for ACL Injury for a World Class Ballet Dancer

Our ballet dancer patient, Natalya tore her ACL during a rehearsal. She did not want to use her hamstring to repair her ACL. She came to The Stone Clinic where Dr. Stone reconstructed the injury using donor tissue.

Dancers cannot afford to lose a portion of their patella tendon or their hamstrings. So, when the ACL is completely ruptured, we reconstruct it with a donor bone-patellar tendon-bone graft, pre-loaded with the patient’s own stem cells. During surgery the graft is placed so as to permit the knee to extend equally to the opposite knee—which, for many dancers, actually means hyperextension. Traditional graft placements often did not allow this extra motion Without it, though, the dancer would never be the same.