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The Recovery Story of a Super Bowl Champion

Learn more about Tracy's remarkable recovery story and how the innovative care from The Stone Clinic is paving the way for his NFL return HERE

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BioKnee Patient Testimonial - 1 Year Post Op

Submitted by admin on 3 October 2018

Our patient is now 1 year post op for medial and lateral meniscal transplants, stem cell paste graft to repair damaged articular cartilage and a staple removal from her tibia from a previous ACL reconstruction surgery. Today she got the go ahead to begin running and some lateral movements. Over the last 5 months, she says she's noticed little increments of things getting better. She is able to do a single leg squat on her surgical leg, leg press and all the weight machines with no pain. She gets a little swelling but resolves by the next day. She feels as though her energy is back.


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ACL revision reconstruction patient testimonial

Submitted by admin on 3 October 2018

This patient has a long and complicated story of knee ligament injury and repair. Long story short, after an injury in 2006 she had poor treatment and her knee was never stable again. She then re-injured herself, damaging more ligaments. More surgery followed which also did not go well. Finally, she found Dr. Stone. He and his team spent hours with her and figured out how to correct the previous procedures and fix her knee.

Proximal hamstring repair post-operative physical therapy protocol

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Avoid active hamstring contraction for 6 weeks.
Avoid hip flexion greater than 60 degrees for 6 weeks.
No active knee flexion against gravity for 6 weeks.
Avoid prolonged sitting for 4 weeks.

Weeks 0 - 2

  • Nurse visit day 2 for dressing change.
  • Ice, elevation, and aggressive edema control.


  • Weight bearing as tolerated with hip brace.


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