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    World-renowned orthopedic surgeon, Kevin R. Stone, MD, leads the
    clinic. He is passionate about improving surgical techniques and
    finding new ways to accelerate healing.


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The Recovery Story of a Super Bowl Champion

Learn more about Tracy's remarkable recovery story and how the innovative care from The Stone Clinic is paving the way for his NFL return HERE

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Physical therapy

We are your allies in optimal healing. Your goals are our goals. 

Physical Therapy at The Stone Clinic emphasizes total body treatment. Our highly trained and experienced therapy team works closely with Stone Clinic physicians to design the perfect rehabilitation program for each patient.

Whether you wish to play pain-free with the kids or repeat an Olympic gold medal performance, we strive to get you to a higher level of fitness and health than before your injury.

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How to avoid ski injuries

There is no question that skiing is a sport with some inherent risk but it’s important not to lose sight of how much pleasure and joy you can get from spending time skiing with family and friends.

This is where the old adage “risk versus reward” comes into play.

The good news is that there are some practical steps you can take to decrease your risk of getting hurt. Pre-season training should focus on overall body fitness, balance, coordination and agility training, combined with a careful warm-up before venturing back on the slopes.

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Injections for Back Pain Relief

Submitted by admin on 25 August 2018

Inflammation or damage to a nerve, usually in the neck or the low back. Doctors call this “radiculopathy.” The problem originates where the nerveexits the spine. With radiculopathy, sharp pain shoots from the lower back down into one or both legs, or from the neck into the arm. A herniated disk can cause radiculopathy.

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