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Meniscus repair replacement patient stories

Meniscus transplant patients

Meniscus transplant patient testimonial - 1 year post op

Our patient came to us after a long history of knee issues. She'd had surgery to repair 2 medial meniscus tears in her 20s and since then had never really had a pain free knee. She spent her 30s having kids and staying active as possible. In her early 40s she went to see an orthopedic surgeon to take care of some knee pain, thinking that the procedure would be simple but was shocked to be told that in fact she needed a total knee replacement. " I wasn't ready to do that" She found Dr. Stone who told her that it she was a candidate for a meniscus transplant. "Here I am a year out and I am doing everything I could do pre-injury. I run without knee pain. I ski without knee pain and I bike without knee pain." She adds, "Most importantly for me, I have 3 kids, 3 girls and we are an active family and for me to be able to hit the slopes with my kids or go for a mountain bike ride or take a hike and maintain an active healthy life and model an active healthy life for them that was probably one of my hugest reasons for doing this."

Meniscus transplant patient testimonial - 7 month post op.

Brandon had a meniscus transplant some years after having part of his meniscus removed due to an injury. His knee had become painful and his doctor had told him that he would have arthritis in a few years and ultimately ended up with an artificial knee replacement. After his meniscus transplant at the Stone Clinic, he stayed 7 weeks in San Francisco to rehabilitate. He came 5 days a week to work with our physical therapists.

Meniscus replacement patient experience - 1 year post op

After a couple of knee injuries while practicing jiu jitsu, our patient had his meniscus removed and was told that he'd ultimately suffer from arthritis. He found Dr. Stone and 3 months later has his meniscus replaced. " My advice is that it's better to do it now than to put it off. If you can reduce the time that those bones are rubbing against one another you are going to be pretty grateful down the road."

Meniscus CMI replacement patient testimonial - 5 years post op.

In 2009, after decades of distance running Barbara's meniscus had worn out. She had a CMI cartilage replacement procedure. 5 years on she says she has zero pain and is fully active.

Meniscus transplant patient testimonial - 14 years post surgery.

Patient wiped out waterskiing in high school and tore her meniscus, which was removed. 30 years later she came to Dr. Stone to have a meniscus transplant using donor tissue. She did not need to have her articular cartilage fixed with a paste graft.

Patient testimonial meniscus transplant - 8 years post surgery. 14 weeks out of second allograft

An old soccer injury leads to a series of knee surgeries but very poor knees. Told in early 30s by doctors that they had seen better knees on a 70 year old. After meniscus transplant got back to soccer and sking - for years. Another meniscus injury at 43.Flew from South Africa to get another meniscus transplant. 14 weeks out. Back in gym, back on bike. Went for a run.

Knee Meniscus Replacement by Knee Specialist Kevin Stone MD

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Knee Meniscus Replacement Surgery by Knee Surgeon Kevin Stone MD

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Patient Menicus Transplant + Articular Cartilage Paste Graft Experience Video

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Meniscus Transplant Center at The Stone Clinic

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Meniscus Transplant Patients Story at The Stone Clinic

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Meniscus Transplant and Articular Cartilage Paste Graft Patient Experience

Jennifer is a 30-year-old chiropractor student who injured her knee in the military service and underwent medial meniscus transplant and articular cartilage paste graft 5 years ago at The Stone Clinic. Learn more about Biologic Knee Repalcement at

Meniscus Transplant and Articular Cartilage Paste Graft Patient Experience

13 years ago, Robert was unable to walk his dog around the block due to knee pain and had a meniscus transplant and articular cartilage paste graft at The Stone Clinic. Listen to his story and what his fitness level is now. To learn more Biologic Knee Replacement, visit

Lateral Meniscus Transplant and Articular Cartilage Paste Graft

1 year post op

Lateral Meniscus Transplant

1 year post op

Meniscus Replacement - Gary from the UK

Had meniscus removed by previous surgeon. It was not replaced. "Realized I'd made a big mistake" A UK surgeon recommended Dr. Stone. Travelled to San Francisco for a meniscus replacement. "Night and Day" difference. Best of all, he can play with his young daughter.

Menial Meniscus transplant- 7 months out.

Ex military. "I've always had problems with my knees" Medial meniscus tear, terrible pain. Menial meniscus transplant. "100 percent better."

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BioKnee patient testimonial

Motocross accident as a teenager tore up his knee. The meniscus cartilage was removed. 3 orthopedic surgeons told him to slow down because he was too young for a knee replacement. In 1997 came to Stone Clinic for Articular paste graft - after 2 months he was pain free for the first time in years. Later had a meniscus replacement. 5 years of heavy sports, snowboarding, riding bike. Another accident, fixed again with an articular cartilage paste graft. Later again, another accident, tore his meniscus, (chasing nephew)Fixed again. Now 10 years later and all is going well. "Absolutely amazed" Now does pretty hard core mountain biking. Everything great.

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