Send Us Your MRIs & X-Rays for a Consultation

Send Us Your Medical Imaging Online

You may transfer your medical imaging to us online using our imaging uploader tool linked in the button below. Simply open the CD/DVD of your MRIs & x-rays within our platform and all of your medical imaging should automatically upload and transmit. See our video above for step-by-step instructions. 

Please note: All imaging must be less than 1 year old and must be in DICOM format (any photos, pdfs, etc. will NOT be accepted by our platform). Also, all imaging must be post-operative.

Or Mail Us Your Medical Imaging

You may also mail the CD/DVD of your medical imaging directly to The Stone Clinic using the address below:

The Stone Clinic
Attention: Consultation Coordinator
3727 Buchanan Street, Suite 300
San Francisco CA 94123

To have your medical information returned after your consultation, please include a self-addressed FedEx shipping label including your FedEx account number or credit card information for shipment along with your package. Your imaging disc will NOT be sent back to you without this. 



Learn About Our Programs

Download our Joint-Saving eGuides! Dr. Stone developed these joint-saving guides to help you preserve your natural tissues and extend your active life. Click on the thumbnails below to download your guide. 

Saving My Knees Guide Download

Saving My Ankle Guide Download

Saving My Shoulder Guide Download

Our Programs

BioKnee: An Alternative to Knee Replacement

Heal biologically. If you are looking for an alternative to a total knee replacement, consider our BioKnee® program which rebuilds knees without the use of artificial implants.

The BioKnee program combines Dr. Kevin Stone's most innovative surgical procedures to create a revolutionary treatment for arthritis. The program has permitted hundreds of people with moderate to severe arthritis to stay active and delay or avoid a total knee replacement. 

Learn about our BioKnee®program 

Kevin R. Stone, MD is one of the world’s leading experts in meniscus transplantation and a pioneer of biologic orthopaedic techniques.

For over 30 years, he and his team have specialized in giving people back their vital meniscus shock absorbers, keeping the knee moving naturally and reducing the likelihood of a total knee replacement.

Learn about the Meniscus Transplant Center 

The Robotic Joint Center at The Stone Clinic is an international destination for robotic-assisted surgery for athletic total and partial knee replacement.

We have patients now running triathlons and (ultra)marathons, climbing mountains, skiing a hundred days a year on the replaced parts inside their knees. The groundbreaking innovations in robotic surgery are redefining the limits of our athletes and expanding the expectations of what is possible after knee replacement.

Learn about the Robotic Joint Center

If you are looking for an alternative to an ankle fusion or ankle replacement procedure, consider our BioAnkle® which biologically rebuilds injured and arthritic ankles without the use of artificial implants, plates, or screws. 

Learn about our BioAnkle® program 



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