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Tracy Porter, Super Bowl Winning Cornerback 

Super Bowl Champion. 2nd round NFL draft pick. Award-winning cornerback. Tracy Porter performs at the most elite level in one of the most physically-demanding sports in the world.

In his 2nd year in the NFL with the New Orlean Saints, Tracy etched his name in Super Bowl history intercepting a pass from the legendary Peyton Manning and returning it 74-yards for a touchdown–ending any hopes of an Indianapolis Colts comeback and bringing the first-ever Super Bowl trophy to New Orleans.  

The demands of the sport caught up with Tracy in 2011, requiring surgical intervention for injuries to the articular cartilage and meniscus in his left knee. Under the care of another surgeon, Tracy received the surgical solutions of a microfracture surgery and a meniscectomy commonly used in athletes with injured joints. While short-term results for these techniques often look promising, outcomes often tend to deteriorate over time with the initial damage to the articular cartilage becoming worse, ultimately leading to bone-on-bone arthritis.

With this all-too-predictable fate threatening to cut short Tracy’s professional career, he chose The Stone Clinic to repair his joint after hearing Dr. Stone’s game plan for naturally regenerating and rebuilding his knee.

Regrow. Replace. Augment. These are the key elements of the BioKnee “game plan” pioneered by Dr. Stone to preserve the natural tissue and extend the careers of athletes like Tracy. Combining surgical techniques, the BioKnee treatment regenerates the articular cartilage with articular cartilage paste grafting, restores vital shock absorption with a new donor-transplanted meniscus, and accelerates the healing process through injections of amniotic stem cells and growth factors.

After a successful outcome with the BioKnee surgery, Tracy dedicated himself to rebuilding his knee strength and mobility under the guidance of The Stone Clinic physical therapy team. Now nearly fully recovered and living pain-free, Tracy begins the second biggest return of his career: his return to the NFL. With repaired cartilage and a new meniscus comes a new chance, and as Tracy encapsulates it, “It only takes one team to love you to come in and get a job. All it takes is one doctor to see what you’re going through and you’ll be back on your feet. So don’t give up.”


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