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Heal biologically. Rebuild and regenerate naturally.

If you are looking for an alternative to a total knee replacement, consider the natural option.

The Stone Clinic's BioKnee program rebuilds knees without the use of artificial materials.

The Bioknee program combines Dr. Kevin Stone's most innovative surgical procedures to create a revolutionary treatment for arthritis. The program has permitted hundreds of people with moderate to severe arthritis to stay active and delay or avoid a total knee replacement. 

If you have arthritis and have been told you need to wait until you are older for a knee replacement or if you've been injured and wish to avoid arthritis and a possible knee replacement in the future, then BioKnee may be for you.

A unique offering of The Stone Clinic, the BioKnee replaces, regenerates or rebuilds damaged portions of knee cartilage and injured ligaments using advanced biologic techniques, including a stem cell paste graft and a meniscus transplant.  The BioKnee program was developed in 1991 by Dr. Kevin Stone. Since it's inception, BioKnee has been followed by clinical research studies which prove that BioKnee patients recover faster, return to sports and are far less likely to report pain than with an artificial knee replacement, even many years post-surgery. Hundreds of patients with a BioKnee are now enjoying their active lifestyles.

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BioKnee replaces the shock absorbing cartilages in your knee by combining some of The Stone Clinic's unique procedures and techniques, including the articular cartilage stem cell paste graft and the meniscus transplant.

Stem cell paste graft

A stem cell paste graft is an innovative surgical technique designed by Dr. Stone that uses your own stem cells, bone marrow and cartilage from your intercondylar notch to form a paste which is impacted into the defected area of your knee to regrow your articular cartilage. This is done in a single outpatient procedure.

Meniscus transplant

A meniscus transplant replaces your worn or missing natural shock absorber in the knee using a donor cartilage.  Dr. Stone designed a three-tunnel technique to secure the meniscus to the tibial plateau in order to provide shock absorption even in an arthritic knee.

Dr. Stone says ...

These two procedures come together to form what we call BioKnee, a clinically-proven technique to stave off arthritis and keep you doing the things you love.

BioKnee Patient Testimonials

A BioKnee is an alternative to a total knee replacement. It uses a combination of procedures to rebuild a knee using donor tissue and stem cells to regrow the damaged articular cartilage.

BioKnee patient testimonial - 6 months post surgery

It took 18 months for this patient to get permission from military doctors to have a BioKnee, and avoid an artificial knee replacement. The procedure saved his knee and saved his career. Find out if we can help you. Set up a complimentary phone consultation.

BioKnee patient testimonial - 16 days post op.

39 year old with post traumatic knee arthritis treated with meniscus graft replacement and articular past graft. He avoided a total knee replacement. Patient travelled from overseas.

BioKnee Replacement: Patient Experience

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Bioknee Patient - 5 years post op.

A ski injury at 19 led to Julie having to have her meniscus removed. 30 years later she had developed severe arthritis in her right knee. She couldn't straighten her knee. " I was bone on bone and I couldn't even walk my dog." Many surgeons told her she needed a total knee replacement. After finding doctor Stone, in June 2008 she had a BioKnee replacement in 2 stages. 5 years later she is fully active. "If you are thinking about doing this then don't put it off"

BioKnee Replacement: Patient Experience

Betty is a 57-year-old ex-pro sailor, professional skier and horsewoman. She received the BioKnee procedure two years ago and is now back to enjoying her favorite activities and hiking the ice fields and walking wine tours.

BioKnee patient testimonial

Cheryl, now 54 has had a few knee operations with us. In 2007 she was told by another surgeon she would need total knee replacement surgery. She has not needed this, even after subsequent knee injuries. In 2007 she had an Articular Cartilage paste graft. In 2009, after a baseball injury, she needed a partial ACL replacement and posterolateral corner reconstruction and in 2011, she needed a meniscus replacement. " I just couldn't be happier with Dr. Stone, his forward thinking and the professional staff here".

Matt Reardon - Biologic Knee Replacement Program

Matt Reardon is a professional skier and musician. Prior to coming to The Stone Clinic, Matt's knees were considered bone on bone and he had a failed OATS procedure, meniscectomy and microfracture. He visited The Stone Clinic in 2004 and underwent the Biologic Knee Replacement Program consisting of a medial meniscus transplant and articular cartilage paste grafting. To learn more about the Biologic Knee Replacement Program, visit

BioKnee patient testimonial

Motocross accident as a teenager tore up his knee. The meniscus cartilage was removed. 3 orthopedic surgeons told him to slow down because he was too young for a knee replacement. In 1997 came to Stone Clinic for Articular paste graft - after 2 months he was pain free for the first time in years. Later had a meniscus replacement. 5 years of heavy sports, snowboarding, riding bike. Another accident, fixed again with an articular cartilage paste graft. Later again, another accident, tore his meniscus, (chasing nephew)Fixed again. Now 10 years later and all is going well. "Absolutely amazed" Now does pretty hard core mountain biking. Everything great.

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ACL replacement| Meniscus replacement | BioKnee by Kevin Stone MD

Patient told he needed a total knee replacement. Four years out. Pain free, rides a bike 100-150 miles per week. Competes in Triathlons. Travelled from Hawaii.

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Biologic Knee Replacement Program - Meniscus Transplant and Articular Cartilage Paste Grafting

Randy P. is an active weekend warrior who had a "bone on bone" knee and underwent a lateral meniscus transplant and articular cartilage paste graft procedure six months ago. Listen to his story and his recent ascent of Half Dome in Yosemite.

Bioknee patient testimonial

In her early 50s, Cathrine from Canada was told that her only option was a total knee replacement. A knee injury in her 20s had led to painful osteoarthritis. "I thought there was nothing else for me..." She traveled to San Francisco and Dr. Stone helped her avoid a total knee replacement with a series of procedures to rebuild her knee naturally. Her advice," Don't stay with the pain, there are options...It's the best thing I ever did"

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