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Surgeon training

Surgeons are welcome to come to The Stone Clinic and Stone Research Foundation for advanced training in biologic joint replacement techniques and bionic partial knee replacement using the Stryker MAKO robot.

Specific techniques developed at The Stone Clinic available for training:

Knee procedures including:

  • Articular cartilage paste grafting
  • Meniscus replacement
  • Partial meniscus replacement/reconstruction
  • Meniscus repair
  • Partial knee replacement: medial, lateral and patellofemoral (Robotic-assisted surgery)
  • ACL reconstruction with BTB allograft
  • Posterolateral corner reconstruction of the knee

Shoulder procedures including:

  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Shoulder decompression
  • Instability repair
  • SLAP repair
  • Clavicle fracture repair
  • AC joint reconstruction

Ankle procedures including:

  • Instability reconstruction (Stone Clinic modified brostrom)
  • Percutaneous Achilles tendon repair
  • Articular cartilage paste grafting for cartilage lesions

Student training

Stone Research Foundation and The Stone Clinic host US and international MDs, visiting scientists, medical and nursing students and physical therapy students to expose future health professionals to the techniques and methods developed and researched here.


The Joint Radiology Fellowship Program helps visiting radiologists create new ways of measuring surgical success. In the program, now in its seventh year in conjunction with Beverly Radiology / RadNet, Inc., fellows from Beverly Radiology gain clinical exposure with The Stone Clinic and contribute to studies at Stone Research Foundation.

Meniscus Transplant Study Group

The Meniscus Cartilage Transplantation Study Group (MTSG) was formed in 1986 by a combination of orthopaedic surgeons, veterinary surgeons, and scientists to help promote the science of meniscus cartilage transplantation and to evaluate its transfer from basic science research to clinical practice. Dr. Kevin Stone is a founding member of the MTSG. Stone Research Foundation (SRF) is a driving force behind the MTSG; they host, facilitate, and fund the meeting held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). The group has now expanded to include the European Meniscal Transplantation Group (EMTG). Over 4,000 human allograft meniscus cartilages have been transplanted since 1986.

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