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The Stone Clinic method

The Stone Clinic is unlike most other orthopedic clinics. Our biologic approach makes us different. 

We regenerate and rebuild, rather than replace with metals and plastics. We take a biologic approach to treating joint injuries and arthritis, preserving as much of the natural biology of the joint as possible, often rebuilding with donor tissue, in order to avoid or delay a joint replacement. In this new “anabolic era” of joint repair we can stimulate and augment the body’s own natural healing response using stem cells and growth factors.

Pioneering surgeon

World-renowned orthopedic surgeon, Kevin R. Stone, MD, leads the clinic. He is passionate about improving surgical techniques and finding new ways to speed up healing. 

Physical therapy, an integral part of our practice

We fix the person, not just the joint. By integrating physical therapy into our practice we help patients heal quicker. Our onsite physical therapists carefully coordinate your comprehensive treatment program and tailor it to fit your lifestyle and activity goals. Our goal is to have our patients return fitter, faster and stronger than they were before they were hurt. Everybody at the clinic works hard to make sure that happens.

We encourage our patients to think of themselves as athletes in training and not patients in rehab

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Everything in one place

We’re set up to handle every step of your care from diagnosis, to outpatient surgery (if you need it) to onsite rehabilitation and physical therapy. No more bouncing from place to place. The clinic offers same day onsite diagnosis with a complete physical exam, in-office digital x-ray and extremity MRI, if necessary.

Changing the arthritis paradigm

The way we see it, the current standard of care for osteoarthritis is failing patients. Being told to “stop your activities, take pain killers and wait until you need a joint replacement” is outdated and unacceptable.  It is possible to repair and prevent some types of osteoarthritis. For more than 20 years, The Stone Clinic has used adult stem cells and tissue-engineering procedures to treat cartilage damage and correct the cause of arthritic wear.

Our pioneering spirit

We simply do not settle for doing things the way they have always been done in orthopedic surgery. We are driven to innovate: to invent tools to make surgery more efficient, to design more effective procedures and to find ways to speed up the healing process. We strive constantly to improve our patients’ experience.

Injury as an opportunity

We acknowledge that an injury is a setback in the short term, but we encourage you to see it as a long-term opportunity. If you focus on how it happened, how it can be fixed and how it can be prevented next time, you’ll become a smarter athlete, less likely to be injured. And most importantly, if you use The Stone Clinic rehab team to optimize your strength, range of motion, gait and fitness conditioning, you can return to being a better athlete than you have been in years.

Teaming up with you

To ensure the best possible results, we encourage you to share responsibility in your own recovery through a partnership with our team. Naturally, you expect a lot from us but we expect a lot from you too! We invite you to strike a bargain with us; we’ll give our best effort surgically including all the post surgery advice and physical therapy resources, while you truly dedicate yourself to making all those tools work well so you can achieve your goals. Partnering with us is absolutely the best way to get the result you want.

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