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Submitted by admin on 30 August 2018

Mike had both of his ACLs replaced at different times with different procedures. He is able to compare what it's like to have his ACLs rebuilt with the Z-lig replacement device vs an autograft (using his own tissue). His first ACL replacement was in his left knee and was done using tissue harvested from his own patella tendon. 
5 years later he had a an ACL replacement using the Z-Lig replacement device engineered from porcine tissue. He says the procedures were very different. Mike explains, "The procedure for harvesting the patella tendon was maybe even worse than the surgery itself." He goes on, "The Z-Lig in contrast was in and out." He says if he had to do it over again he'd chose the Z-lig. " I wouldn't even think about it." . Physical therapy was key to both procedures.

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