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Submitted by admin on 29 March 2019
Patient Recovery Stories

“On my follow-up visit, we looked at the MRI together and I just couldn't believe that the meniscus was all the way filled in”

Judy N.
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A New Meniscus, A New Chance

After a successful outcome with the BioKnee surgery, Tracy dedicated himself to rebuilding his knee strength and mobility under the guidance of The Stone Clinic physical therapy team. Now nearly fully recovered and living pain-free, Tracy begins the second biggest return of his career: his return to the NFL. With repaired cartilage and a new meniscus comes a new chance, and as Tracy encapsulates it, “It only takes one team to love you to come in and get a job. All it takes is one doctor to see what you’re going through and you’ll be back on your feet. So don’t give up.”

January 2017

I went for my first bike ride today. I started slow with 3 miles and felt great. I can’t believe I’m back on m bike with no pain. I’m going to push myself to 10 miles this weekend and see how I do.

September 2018
September 2018

I ran my first 5k today and did cone drills for 2 hours with no pain and my knee feeling strong throughout. Thank you so much! Next up is the NFL Combine!