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You, Inc.

You, Inc. The Stone Clinic
Ever consider presenting yourself to a Fitness Venture Capitalist as an investment? If you do, the investor will, of course, want to know what your “personal fitness business plan” is. Have you ever even heard of one? Now that you have, this is the time to get it together and invest in yourself.

Fit wishes for 2015

We wish you a fit and healthy 2015
May 2015 bring you head-to-toe fitness.

Skiing on the aging knee

Skiing on the aging knee
The care and feeding of the aging ski knee is all about empowering people to enjoy the freedom of movement. It starts with desire and ends in ski heaven.

True, True, and not the only thing related

An injury is an opportunity to spot other related problems
True that you've been injured. True the injury is repaired. But there are other related things to bear in mind if you want to enjoy a full recovery.

Injury is a reason to exercise, not an excuse to avoid it

Injury is a reason to exercise
If an injury has been holding you back, here’s something to consider. We encourage our patients to view an injury not as the reason they don’t exercise, but as the reason they must.

Keep it simple when it comes to food

Many people are overwhelmed by the food choices and diet trends that make the news. What should you eat? What should you feed your kids? How do you teach kids about food and health, food and sports? I find it simple and would like to share my simplistic approach with you.

Don’t pedal faster than you can daydream

Don’t pedal faster than you can daydream
The end goal of activity was once a natural, post-exercise endorphin glow. Now this has been sidelined in favor of statistics and data. We focus less on how we feel and more on how we measured up to our previous results.

GMAs: Genetically modified athletes

GMAs: Genetically modified athletes
Athletes in this year’s Winter Olympics have been genetically engineered to perform.

Why being a hard-ass can sometimes be a good thing

Glutes control the power in the body
As you marvel the ability of ultra-fit athletes at the pinnacle of their sport, take some time to check out their butts.

Become StoneFit: Fitter, faster and stronger™

Become StoneFit: Fitter, faster and stronger™
Over the past 13 years we have optimized the program we call StoneFit for orthopedic rehabilitation. For each injury, we custom-design a set of exercises to work around the injured joint using the principles of combined functional exercises.
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