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Athlete Hygiene

Athletes become patients when they get hurt. If and when they need surgery, it becomes obvious which athletes have cared for their bodies well and which have not—in which case trying to sterilize the injured area can be a challenge. Here are some tips to keep you clean from toe to head.

New Year’s Resolutions Are All in the Mind

New Year's Fitness Resolutions
Okay—so what is new in New Year resolutions? We all keep a few, forget about a few, and live knowing that we could live better, “if only….” So, here is my thinking about how you might achieve a few resolution successes.

The Sleep Dilemma

The Sleep Dilemma The Stone Clinic
The data is now overwhelming. Eight hours of sleep each night is what humans need for optimal health and performance. Yet most of us don’t get it. What is the fix?

Top Five Reasons to Avoid Space Travel

Top Five Reasons to Avoid Space Travel The Stone Clinic
The lack of gravitational force is deadly to humans. The list of bodily systems that don’t work properly grows with every examination of astronauts who spend prolonged time in space.

Sharapova: How Could She?

Sharapova:  How Could She?
Why don’t professional athletes come clean about the use and benefits of cutting-edge supplements? We all use them—whether we know it or not.

Longevity Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up to Be

Longevity Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up to Be
The science of life extension seems completely seductive—who wouldn’t want to enjoy a longer lifespan? But it comes with surprisingly huge costs.

Biodynamic health

biodynamic health - lessons from farming
What lessons can we apply from biodynamic farming that can help us promote health and cure disease?

Pushing in the clutch

Take a day off! You'll be surprised at the results.
Take Monday morning off. You'll find that remarkable things happen. You realize that the world can wait. You recognize that your own hyper drive won’t evaporate if it is not fed for a few hours.

Fit wishes for 2015

We wish you a fit and healthy 2015
May 2015 bring you head-to-toe fitness.

Keep it simple when it comes to food

Many people are overwhelmed by the food choices and diet trends that make the news. What should you eat? What should you feed your kids? How do you teach kids about food and health, food and sports? I find it simple and would like to share my simplistic approach with you.

A smile reflects joy and radiates warmth

A dancer from Amy Seiwart’s “Imagery: SKETCH 4” was so vibrant that it exuded supreme confidence and spread that to people watching the performance at the ODC Dance Theater. A great smile can also be the sign of a healthy individual.
A dancer's performance is up close and personal. It's not only their seemingly effortless technique that determines their success but also their attitude. Their expression reflects this. Those dancers who grace their performances, their injuries and their recoveries with the smile that mirrors their joy, do the best.

GMAs: Genetically modified athletes

GMAs: Genetically modified athletes
Athletes in this year’s Winter Olympics have been genetically engineered to perform.

Why being a hard-ass can sometimes be a good thing

Glutes control the power in the body
As you marvel the ability of ultra-fit athletes at the pinnacle of their sport, take some time to check out their butts.

Become StoneFit: Fitter, faster and stronger™

Become StoneFit: Fitter, faster and stronger™
Over the past 13 years we have optimized the program we call StoneFit for orthopedic rehabilitation. For each injury, we custom-design a set of exercises to work around the injured joint using the principles of combined functional exercises.
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