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Shoulder Motions

Ski Fall Shoulder Injury
The shoulder can dislocate or just subluxate—i.e., move partially in and out of the joint. The causes for these are most commonly a torn ligament or a lax capsule. The repair steps have improved dramatically and are worth doing early.

Pop, catch, give way: The sounds you don’t want to hear

Bagpiper - Sounds You Don't Want to Hear
“Doc, my knee popped, it now catches and gives way.” Whether it is the knee, the ankle, the hip, or the shoulder, catching and giving way—especially after hearing a pop—is bad news.

The Too Flexible Athlete

Dislocated Shoulder
“Stretch, stretch more, do yoga, do Pilates,” our trainers encourage us in a never-ending litany. Our stiffness is hurting our backs, our knees, and our performance. But what about the too flexible athletes?
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