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ACL reconstruction using Z-lig, a natural tissue alternative | Patient Story- 12 years post op

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Our patient Mike ruptured his right ACL while Limbo dancing at a wedding. He had it repaired using the Z-lig ligament replacement device engineered from porcine tissue. Previously, Mike had ruptured his left ACL and had it repaired using an autograft from his own patella tendon. "The experiences could not have been more different" he says. Unlike the autograft, the Z-lig procedure and the recovery was minimal. "In fact, I was a bit worried because my knee was so stable and so pain free that I thought I might damage the knee somehow because it felt so good so soon!" He now does all the things he does before the surgery, league basketball, coaches baseball, plays with his dog. In fact, he says "because of the physical therapy and the activities I went though, I think it's better than it was before the injury".

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