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Frederick Buechel, Jr. MD

Dr. Frederick Buechel, Jr. is a highly experienced surgeon and surgeon educator specializing in outpatient robotic-arm assisted partial knee replacement, total knee replacement and knee arthroscopy.

Dr. Buechel completed his fellowship in adult total joint reconstruction at The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia with Robert Booth, MD and David Nazarian, MD. He also trained under and authored papers with his father—the renowned Dr. Buechel, Sr.— who is Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Rutgers Medical School. Both father and son attended New Jersey Medical School (now called Rutgers Medical School).

Prior to joining The Stone Clinic in November 2015, Dr. Buechel directed his own practice in Naples, Florida for 14 years. In addition, he served as Chairman of the Department of Surgery and the Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at Physicians Regional Healthcare System in Naples, Florida. He was the Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at the NCH Healthcare System from 2007-2010, and received the NCH COMPASS Award in 2009.

Makoplasty® Mastery

Along with his other fields of expertise, Dr. Buechel is both an expert and an advanced instructor in Makoplasty® robotic-arm assisted knee surgery. This is the most consistent, reproducible and precision joint replacement installation system in operation, allowing certified surgeons to optimize knee and hip implant placement, enhancing implant function and longevity. Dr. Buechel is internationally recognized in this field, having completed nearly 1,000 outpatient surgeries worldwide since 2009. He performs all of these procedures himself, from start to finish!

Dr. Buechel and family spent time in Asia briefly in 2012, where he helped launch the international expansion of MAKO robotics and performed the first Makoplasty® knee procedures with surgeons in Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. He was the instructor for the first international Bioskills course held in Bangkok, Thailand . The following year he traveled to Turkey and Greece to operate, lecture and launch robotic programs in those countries as well.

As a continuation of this work Dr. Buechel developed the Mini-Makoplasty® Technique, which allows his patients to return home the same day. A minimally invasive process, Mini-Makoplasty provides most patients with a very low risk of complications, rapid pain relief and return to an active lifestyle within a few weeks.

The addition of Dr. Buechel’s techniques to the world-class team at the Stone Clinic is a boon for those seeking low-impact procedures followed by a full, rapid recovery. Both Dr. Buechel and Dr. Stone are genuinely excited about the future for their knee injury and arthritis patients.

International instructor for robotic joint replacement 

A high profile consultant for Stryker MAKO, Dr. Buechel travels the world teaching other surgeons how to do robotic joint surgery. He is an international surgeon educator, trainer & instructor, and a proctor for surgeon education Bio-Skills Labs.

He also participates in the development and advancement of Makoplasty® hardware and software applications.

Dr. Buechel has trained and hosted hundreds of surgeons from around the United States and Internationally from Italy, Turkey, Greece, Israel, Scotland, Austria, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Australia, South Korea and more.

Compassionate surgeon

Foremost, though, Dr. Buechel is kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. He takes his time to explain your issues and options. Having performed more than a thousand robotic knee procedures, he understands how to help patients make the best decision for their knees. He will educate you about your condition in an understandable way, and share information about how he works with robotic procedures to precisely repair your knee and allow you to return to the life you love.

“San Francisco is a big focus now and for the future,” Dr. Buechel says enthusiastically. “Dr. Stone and I really get along well. We think the same way, and we’re both passionate about what we do.” His biggest future goal? “To build a destination center for China,” he says. “My hope is to leverage the great reputation of the Stone Clinic  and  my own reputation in Asia to bring Chinese patients to San Francisco for our state-of-the-art knee repair techniques.”

Dr. Buechel has been married to his wife who he’s known since age 10, when they took the school bus together. They have two teen daughters, and a 12-year-old son.

The Robotic Joint Center at The Stone Clinic is an international center of excellence for robotic-assisted joint replacement surgery - outpatient partial and total joint replacement .

Dr. Buechel says ...

We are going to do things that were never even thought of before: Combining biologic repairs with robotic repairs; bringing my expertise and Dr. Stone's expertise together to create a center where patients from around the world can come to fix any problem that’s going on inside their knees. 

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